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You're already dead, sinner. You destroyed your spirit in the ways of shame.
~ Pastor Abin Cooper

Pastor Abin Cooper is a prominent and fanatical American preacher who is the charismatic leader of the Five Points Trinity Church and the main antagonist of the 2011 American independent action-horror film Red State.

He was portrayed by Michael Parks.


His history is little known that he has became a pastor like not only his father, but also his grandfather who started the group Five Points Trinity Church 100 years ago. He also became a hatemonger against an unjust world he believes should to be judged and cleansed by the Almighty God, so he preaches to his followers about divine justice and went too far by kidnapping 3 teenage local boys whom he thought were sexual deviants due to the fact they tried to have a foursome with a woman who turned out to be his daughter Sarah who put this as a test of morality and faith.