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Alder Revery was a man who dedicated his life to things of the past. He loved the past and hated everything modern like machines or mutants whom he saw as a perversion of humanity created by the nuclear age. He learned old witchcrafts and used them for his goal.

(MCP#60/3): Alder studied the whole day near the Scarlet Witch in Houghton's Rare Book Reading Room. When it closed, he left with the Scarlet Witch and invited her to his house after some talking about the past. They drank some wine and Past Master told her his extreme thoughts about modernity. Past Master never took a sip from his mug. The clock rang and Past Master used a mystic force shield against Scarlet Witch. She wasn't able to fight against it, because her wine had been drugged. Past Master told her how dangerous she was, because she was a public figure. He put on his enchanted lens, plucked the spirit of Scarlet Witch from her body, and sent it back into time to merge it with an ancestor of her.

(MCP#61/3-62/3 BTS): Past Master brought the Scarlet Witch's body to a hidden room behind a clock and returned to his decadent life, filled with things of the past and a good wine.

(MCP#63/3): Past Master sat on his chair and suddenly felt a cold chill. He wanted to start the closing measures against Scarlet Witch and went through the clock-door into the hidden room in the basement. He called his friend Mr. Hanley to dispose the body of Scarlet Witch, which was still protected by the mystic force shield. Scarlet Witch destroyed the phone and Past Master went to the Text of Tantilova to find a spell on exorcising unwanted spirit presences. The book puffed up in flames and suddenly things around him began to explode. When he saw that the mystical force shield around the Scarlet Witch was sparkling and glowing he dissipated it, because he thought it drew spirits to his house. Past Master left the house to continue his crusade against mutants somewhere else. He was gone when the Scarlet Witch returned her body, and she wanted to put a profile on him into the Avengers' computer.

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