Party Pete was the main antagonist in the Regular Show episode "Party Pete".

He was seen on the TV by Mordcai and Rigby, who plan to throw a party while Benson was away. They start calling Pete, and soon he spawns a large party. However, after a call from Benson, Party Pete is told to leave, but he refuses to do so. He sees cans of Radicola (pop drinks) and begins drinking them. Skips decides to assist Mordecai and Rigby to defeat him, simply by feeding him more cans of Radicola. Party Pete eventually drinks so much Radicola that he gets bloated and explodes.

In "Party Re-Pete", it was revealed that the Party Pete used from the episode mentioned above was a clone made when the group called "Party Goers" used the real Party Pete's body to do so. This explains why Radicola was his weakness.


  • Party Pete was one of the Regular Show villains that Jeff Bennett voiced (The other being Ticket Guy).