Look. You're supposed to be winning the hearts and minds of the natives. Isn't that the whole point of your little puppet show? If you walk like them, you talk like them, they'll trust you. We build them a school, teach them English. But after - how many years - the relations with the indigenous are only getting worse. Look here, you see this? This is why we're here. Because this little gray rock sells for $20 million a kilo. That's the only reason. This is what pays for the whole party, and it's what pays for your science. Those savages are threatening our whole operation. We're on the brink of war and you're supposed to be finding me a diplomatic solution. So use what you've got, and get me some results.
~ Parker arguing with Dr. Augustine.

Parker Selfridge is the secondary antagonist in the 2009 science fiction environmental film Avatar. He is the head administrator of RDA and the leader of the mining operation in Pandora. 

He was portrayed by Giovanni Ribisi, who also portrayed Donny in the Ted film series. 


His wealth consists of power from the human race organization Resources Development Administration. Parker Selfridge explains why the RDA came to Pandora, it is because they are mining for a valuable resource called Unobtainium that costs $20 million per kilogram, but his main problem is that it can only be mined in the Na'vi inhabited area. There were several citizens of the human race who were transported by a massive RDA transportation method, probably the entire human race of the year 2154, who came with Parker Selfridge to Pandora.

He is mainly ordering Dr. Grace Augustine to find a solution to stop the Na'vi who are threatening the RDA's operation, who Parker Selfridge calls savages. He is confident at first that the Na'vi won't be much of a problem now that the avatars controlled by Jake Sully, Grace Augustine, and Norm Spellman (he jokingly calls this a puppet show) to move the Na'vi off the Home Tree to dig for Unobtainium.

Parker Selfridge isn't exactly to call as evil as the rest of the RDA squad led by Miles Quaritch. When seeing how the RDA destroys the Home Tree, killing several Na'vi, he is uncomfortable with the violence that the RDA had done on the Na'vi. He also releases a sigh of discomfort when the RDA actively declare war on the Na'vi and send in their entire armed forces. However, it can be agreed that he doesn't care too much to stop the RDA's operation, since he cares more about money.

However, Jake unites much of the Na'vi tribes and wildlife to fight back against the RDA forces, resulting the deaths of Quaritich and several more RDA soldiers. Selfridge is last seen returning back to Earth with every human other than a few scientists and avatar controllers before making a spiteful glare at Jake as he walks back into the ship departing for Earth, with an unknown fate of how human civilization was restored back on Earth.


  • His last name is most likely a play on the word "selfish", which defines his personality.
  • Despite Quaritich serving as the main antagonist of the film, Selfridge acts the Greater Scope Villain as he's the one that Quaritich is answering to.