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Park Shin-woo is main villain of South Korean thriller film The Terror Live
Park shin woo
is a 20 year old whose father is one of victims of senseless industrial accident while fixing the bridge because this , the president refused compensated to families include Shin-woo and his mother. Angered by president's refusal Shin-woo took revenge against people include president by putting devces on mapo bridge which is bombing and killing many people and people witness it include radio dj/fired newscaster Yoon Young-hwa whom Shin-woo called him by claiming he was one of workers. Young-hwa was ready to comeback to coverage of the terrorist attack. but unknown to Young-hwa, Shin-woo put bomb on earphone to him. Thearted to killed many hostage include his wife Young-hwa discovered Shin-woo's identity as 21 year old son of worker

Young-hwa hold his hand for safety but sniper end up killed Shin-woo which left Young-Hwa press the button which destroyed the tower include himself



  • He was similar of The Caller from Phone Booth

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