People must know that they’re going to die, and yet they live as though they never will. Hilarious
~ Park Chang-yi

Park Chang-yi (also known as "The Bad") is main antagonist in the 2008 film The Good,The Bad and The Weird who is hitman and leader of a group of bandits had grudge against Yoon Tae-goo (The Weird) who did to him five years ago.

He was portrayed by Lee Byung-hun who played T-1000 and Storm Shadow.


Not known of his past but after he killed people in the bar at 1930 in Korea, Park Chang-yi encountered Yoon Tae-go who wants to challenged after that knife fight ,Tae-goo got Chang-yi's right index finger and chopped off caused humiliated and agony and then Tae-goo left Korea to forget his past as finger chopper while Chang-yi was drunk is discovered by his boss Kim Pan-joo,a businessman who supported Japaneses who become his boss. Chang-yi recruited the assassins become his henchmen. he vowed to searched Tae-goo means killed for title as finger chopper. although Park Do-won (The Good) believes Chang-yi is finger chopper. Chang-yi heard Tae-goo's name or past he will kill person.


5 years later, Park Chang-yi is now most feared assassin in Manchuria. and bandit leader was hired by Kim Pan-joo to steal the map from Karemaru.

then he sees his old enemy Yoo Tae-goo is now train bandit after that he return to his boss without map and Pan-joo blames him for his greed of money, he horded gun on Chang-yi.

in fact Chang-yi betrayed his own boss and stabbed Pan-joo's neck when he point his gun on him and pulls his dagger costs his boss's life ends. and he steeling Pan-joo's wealth by greed.

He meet Tae-goo's wing man and best friend Man-gil and revealed himself and tortured him by attempted cut his finger before Park Do-won and Tae-goo came to save him before he escaped along with his gang.

He kills one of the members of his gang when he mentioned his connection with Tae-goo.

Downfall and Death

After Chang-yi cut a man's tongue he goes after Yoon Tae-goo and Park Do-won but not for long when his gang killed by battle. he revealed that Tae-goo was finger chopper in front of Do-won he challenging them for one takes map and duel between them which Chang-yi died.


Chang-yi is very psychopath who wanted be best against Yoon Tae-goo for cutting finger and even heard about Tae-goo's name he will killed everybody in berasaking rage and obsessed of money by greed.


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  • Lee Byung-hun who portrayed him, later starred as Storm Shadow in G.I Joe Rise of Cobra, the character who went from right hand to mirror villain, and had a grudge against Snake Eyes.
  • He was based of Angel Eyes in The Good The Bad and The Ugly.
  • Originally Chang-yi had longer hair when first teaser poster however teaser trailer shows him with short hair.
  • Chang-yi probably modeled after singer Prince or visual kei rock star.
  • Chang-yi was originally as emo like personally but Lee suggested it that his character was psycho.
  • Lee would play Billy Rocks, an assassin who silmaritions with Park who knife skills and joined the gang to saved town from evil bussissman in The Magnificent Seven.