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The Parasitica Wasp is a mutant parasitic wasp from the 2012 series of TMNT.


It is a large black and yellow wasp with sharp mandibles, glowing green eyes and green veins in its wings, and a large stinger. Unlike most mutants, Parasitica is not anthropomorphic.


The wasp first appeared in "Parasitica". It was discovered by the Turtles after the Kraang mutated it. Mikey used his kursurigama chain to capture it. The others were about to catch it until Mikey used his chain, making the wasp pull him. The wasp then stung Leo, causing it to fall dead on the ground with its legs curled up. Mikey thought his plan worked, and saying he tired it out. However, Donnie reveals he didn't tired it out. It is revealed the wasp died because it lost its stinger. Leo has the large stinger (with a small brain) stuck to his left arm. Donnie removes it, but Leo begins to act a bit strange. They discovered a large wasp egg, and Leo intends to bring it and not let the others touch it. When they return to the lair, Leo watches the wasp egg and threatens his brothers to back off. The three Turtles talk to each other about Leo acting weird and seemed to be obsessed with the egg. They tried everything to get Leo's attention (such as ordering pizza, watching Space Heroes, and Mike using Leo's comics as toilet paper), but nothing has happened. When Raph attempts to destroy the egg tonight, Leo catches him and reveals his eyes are black and white. His mouth has weird saliva. During the fight, he bit Raph's left arm, causing him to act like Leo. When Don and Mikey enter the lab, they see that Raph is also watching the egg. When they trapped their brothers, Donnie looks up on his laptop and reveals that the wasp is a parasitic wasp. It infects animals with a virus that brainwashes them into protecting its eggs. When Mikey asked if it was the same wasp that stung Leo, Donnie says it was a mutant version, then Leo bit Raph and passed the virus to him. When Mikey asked once the egg hatches and if the guys will go back to normal, Donnie says not quite and reveals pictures of the caterpillar guarding the egg. The pictures show the wasp hatchling approaches the caterpillar and starts eating it! Donnie will need a sample of the egg or any of their infected brothers to make a cure. During the fight, they wrap up the brainwashed Leo and Donnie gets a sample of his blood. However, he has been bitten during the fight! Now that he's making the cure, he tells Mikey how to finish it because he's running out of time. With Donnie brainwashed, he bites Mikey, leaving him seemingly unconscious. Later, the brainwashed Turtles watch the egg just as Mikey arrives, apparently now under control. However, he quickly injects them with the antidote. It is revealed that Mikey was infected, but he does everything to remember what Donnie said. He passed out almost 19 times. Once he finally finished the antidote, he injects himself. He was only pretending to be brainwashed in order to cure his brothers. However, the antidote may cause also cause drowsiness, making the other three faint. The egg hatches, releasing three wasps! Just as they're about to feast on his brothers, Mikey lures them as he heads to the Shellraiser. He uses garbage blasts and destroys the wasps, leaving them nothing more than a pile of yellow slime.

In "Metalhead Rewired", two wasps were seen as the detained mutants captured by the Kraang in order to control them. The first one was seen peeking out of its cell when it discovered Metalhead opened it. Then, the second one was seen with a Squirrelanoid and Pete as it flies to the portal. However, the other wasp failed to escape as it got knocked out of the air when the portal closed, causing to be killed from falling from a high altitude.


  • Parasitica is an order of parasitoid wasps.
  • The parasitic wasp does not actually brainwash its victims to protect its egg, rather they implant their egg, which hatches, feeds inside the host, pupates and kills the host, either leaving its now empty body or remaining in it.
  • When the wasps hatch out of the egg, they are already in their adult forms when they should be in their larvae forms.
  • Real wasps don't actually die when they sting their enemies because their stingers are not barbed and therefore they can't lose them.

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