Parasite Cage
The Parasite Cage is a minor villain in the video game; Kingdom Hearts. It's a Emblem Heartless that lives inside Monstro's bowels and captured Pinnochio to steal his heart.


The Parasite Cage managed to capture Pinnochio when he ran away from Riku. However, before the Heartless Cage could succeed in escaping, Riku, Sora, and his friends managed to catch up to it and battled the Cage in Monstro's bowels. Eventually the Parasite Cage was defeated, spit out Pinocchio and climbed away into Monstro's depths. Despite being defeated, the Parasite Cage still managed to steal Pinocchio's heart.

Sora chased Riku into the stomach of Monstro, only for both of them to discover that the Parasite Cage had lodged itself into Monstro's stomach. With Pinocchio's heart, the Parasite Cage had increased in size, and had become much more powerful. Sora battled it one last time before it was finally destroyed.