Faces of Evil Parasite 01
Good evening, Dinner.
~ Parasite to Superman

Parasite is a villain from DC Comics, frequently appearing as an enemy to Superman. They are a superhuman criminal who feeds off of the energy of people, also adopting their strength and abilities. Parasite has notably been reincarnated and reimagined numerous times by several different characters, although all incarnations of the character share the common desire to drain Superman of his energy and take it as their own.


Once a janitor, Rudy Jones became Parasite by stealing from a center. Transformed into the Parasite, he could absorb their physical and mental properties. He began to get to those closest to Superman and was run down in the pandemonium that evening when Lois came to his aide.

Powers and Abilities

Parasite's namesake ability is stealing and absorbing the strength and powers of anyone he touches. Many versions of Parasite can also absorb the memories and knowledge of the people they have touched, and can use this knowledge against them. Some versions of Parasite can also absorb energy from other sources, like electricity or heat, and even non-physical sources, like kinetic energy or inertia from moving objects.

Not only that, but Parasite can layer different absorbed abilities on top of each other, increasing them as a threat. Since the different incarnations of Parasite are all foes of Superman, Parasite frequently adapts superhuman strength, speed, durability, and stamina, flight, heat and X-Ray vision, superbreath, etc, by latching on to the Kryptonian.

However, all versions of Parasite are only able to keep their abilities for a limited time, typically between several hours to several days, meaning they must continuously feed off others to keep their energy. Additionally, Parasite could also adopt the weaknesses and disabilities of his/her prey, such as Superman's vulnerability to Kryptonite and Red Sun radiation, which usually results in their defeat.  





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