You want her? Come and get her!
~ Parasimon

Parasimon are the main antagonists in the movie; Digimon Tamers; Runaway Locomon. Parasimon is Mega Level Digimon that look like a parasite and a spider. It's skin color is pinkish purple, and green. It has 8 legs, and a giant green eye, green tenticles and pink lips with razor sharp teeth on it's behind.


Digimon Tamers: Runaway Locomon

A Parasimon took control of a Digimon named Locomon. It used Locomon speed to create a rift between the real world and the Digital World so it can bring a whole army of Parasimon to attack the world. Rika and Renamon encountered Locomon and tried to stop him, but then a Parasimon attacked her. When that happen Parasimon took control of her. Rika then attack Takato and Guilmon. Eventually they manage to disconnect Parasimon from Rika. Parasimon forced Locomon to Digivolved to GranLocomon. This made him go faster. When GrandLocomon completed the rift, a huge army of Parasimon fell out of the sky and attack the city. Takato and Guilmon Biomerged into Gallantmon, Henry and Terriermon biomerged into MegaGargomon, and Rika and Renamon biomerged into Sakuyamon. They had trouble defeating the Parasimon, but just then Justimon came out of nowhere. Even though Justimon came to help they still had trouble to beat them. Gallantmon Digivolved in Gallantmon Crimson Mode and defeated the leader Parasimon, this caused the other Parasimon to disappear.


  • Electric Bind
  • Digicabolic Steroid


  • Parasimon's Ultimate form is Arukenimon
  • Parasimon is slightly similar to the Trainman in Star Fox 64. Both speak with redneck accents, and both are controlling a train which the heroes change its path. Also, both are destroyed along with their base (although in the trainman's case it is a fuel bunker, and the train is destroyed as well due to crashing into it).
  • Of the four main non-human antagonists (Zhuqiaomon, Mephistomon, the D-Reaper, and Parasimon), the main Parasimon is the only one aside from Zhuqiaomon to not be killed by Terriermon, or to not be most directly killed by three characters (unless Grani counts as part of Gallantmon's fusion of Takato and Guilmon).