The Paradox Roidmude, originally Roidmude 108, a Low-Class Spider-Type Roidmude, is an Advanced Roidmude and the main antagonist in the movie Kamen Rider Drive: Surprise Future. His future self steals the Drive Driver from Eiji Tomari and becomes Kamen Rider Dark Drive.


In the present time he was been imprisoned and deactivated by the other Roidmudes due to his behavior, but in 2035 he defeated the future Kamen Rider Drive, Eiji Tomari, and stole his Drive Driver to become Kamen Rider Dark Drive.

His true goal was later revealed - he wanted to go back in time to revive and fuse with his past self in order to evolve and create an eternal Global Freeze. To do that he assumed Eiji Tomari's form and traveled back to 2015, where he fused with his past self to create the Paradox Roidmude.