Gemini Paradox, was the gemini woman saint in the XXI century. Her true name is unknown.

As a fake-pallasite, her time control powers, her new powers and the time control made by he weapon, depends of his weapon (staff) and with out it, the distortions made by it disappears.


Paradox had a twin sister, named Integra; both the two sister, had the power to predict what each fact will causes in the future. Integra used his power to help another people, and Paradox used it to her whims (like the time that Paradox refused stop Martians invasion to Sanctuary because she would be strong in their side). So, Integra was most loved than Paradox, and she (Paradox) always was most strong than her sister, thus Paradox got envy of Integra. Even the parents of Paradox, hate her; when her parents dead in a car accident (that she predicted), Shiryu saved her; so, she lived in a paradox: her parents, that should love her, despised her, but Shiryu, that had not any obligation, saves her. So, she abandoned her name, and named herself "Paradox". Never was explained when the 2 personalities emerged.

Paradox had 2 personalities: the love Paradox, and the hatred Paradox. The love Paradox represents the love in person, but, a wrong conception of love; she only loves the human that she love, and don't his goals and feelings; so, the love personality is a bad woman too; the hatred personality, don't loves anything and only fights with her enemy to kill him.

Paradox hates Chun-li because she have married with Shiryu. Nevertheless, she trained to be a woman saint to saves Shiryu fifth senses (that he lost sometime after saves she) and fight like him, thus, she learned Shiryu's Rosan Shoryu Ha. But, when the martians invaded the Sanctuary, she predicted if she serves Mars, she will gets more featured, and will saves Shiryu most easily; so, she allows the martians invades the Sanctuary and attack Athena (in the first or second war between Athena and Mars; probably the second).

Gemini Temple

Because her love to Shiryu, she knew about his son, Ryuho, and loved him too. When Ryuho arrives in the gemini house, the Paradox animals servants guide Ryuho to her tea party; she don't uses her mask, because she wants love Ryuho. She attacks Ryuho various times to convinve Ryuho to fight together Mars, but he refuses and knock down Paradox, so, she changes her personality and the Hatred Paradox attacks Ryuho, but the Love Paradox prevents her to kill Ryuho, because she loves him.

Kouga arrives and saves Ryuho, and the Ryuhos attitudes do Paradox doesn't love him any more; so, Hatreed Paradox takes this opportunity to kill Ryuho, but he defeat she with the Seventh sense. She survives and tries get away, but she is imprisioned in the Cape Sounion, because, unlike Harbinger and Fudou, she refuses to serve Athena; she will not serves a woman most loved than she (in her vision, there are woman).


Gallia frees Paradox of the Sounion prision, and give to she a chronotector, to fight for Pallas/Saturn; she wants avenge on Ryuho, but Integra, her sister, uses the Gemini Cloth to fight with Paradox, and with Ryuho's helps, Paradox is defeated and get away, because her sttafs was broken. But, Paradox still have dual personalities.

Paradox never was loyal to Pallas, and only uses her army to avenge on Ryuho.

In the Castle of Pallas, Paradox predicted Integra would waiting for her, so, appears in the predicted place to kill her, rebuilding her staff; Paradox, as usual, gets advantage on Integra, but the true love of Intrega defeats Paradox fake love, and Athena does Paradox came to the good side; but Galia arrives there and hurts Paradox, but she don't die.

As a heroine, Paradox and Integra attacks Gallia together, and Paradox dies soon after.