For Darkseid!
~ Parademon battle cry

Parademons are an evil race of aliens from Apokolips that serve as shocktroopers to Darkseid in the Superman media and other DC franchise.

They maintain their master's rule throughout Apokolips and usually accompany him. The Parademons can fly and carry large weapons. Although they are from Apokolips, they can be defeated by humans in combat. They later appeared in the Salvation Run.

They also are shown to not be immune to Darkseid's Omega Beams as shown in one instance. 

The Parademons have razor-sharp claws and wings to allow them to fly. Despite having heightened strength, they can be taken down by Batman and Dan Turpin.

The parademon hordes were created as a servitor race bred through artificial means. Fabricated and churned out in apokoliptian war factories where they are trained and honed into the perfect soldiers guided and commanded by Darkseid and his elite.

Other appearances implicate how Apokolips repurposes the denizens of worlds they've violated to create new Parademons.

Through a unique form of nanoviral bio-tailoring, the evil New Gods are capable of turning both living and dead carcass's of the conquered into new parademon troops primarily programmed to serve only Darkseid.

Said creatures have a host of techno-organic reconfiguration processes and newfound abilities to match. Such as cthonian fire breath. Mechanical transformations. e.i. razor wings and spider like appendages. Self Detonation and by far they're most horrifying aspect, the ability to infect others with the same corrupting microtech that converts others into new Parademons.


  • In the Superfriends, they were named Paradrones due to censors not allowing the word demon.
  • Despite their home world being Apokolips, they are not New Gods.
  • They appeared in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice in the bad future.


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