Allow me to introduce myself. I am Panther, and all who see my rose meet death!
~ Panther Caroso

Panther Caroso is an antagonist from the Star Fox series. He is the newest member of the Star Wolf team.


Panther made his first appearance as the newest member of the Star Wolf team in Star Fox: Assault, taking the place of both Pigma and Andrew. Panther is very conceited, egotistical and overconfident, which often embarrasses those around him, especially his teammates Wolf, and Leon. He is also a coquettish flirt and he considers himself a ladies' man. As a result, he attempts to flirt with Krystal several times, but she either ignores or outright rejects him, depending on the circumstances.

His signature symbol is a red rose. This symbol is painted on the side of his Wolfen, making him the only pilot in the series to have any kind of marking on his ship, which distinguishes his Wolfen from those of his teammates.


  • In Command, Panther's surname is changed to Caruso, presumably due to translation error.
    • Similarly, the official website of Star Fox: Assault spelled his name as both Caroso and Caruso.
  • His surname in Japanese is closer to Caluroso, which is Spanish for 'warm, hot, energetic, enthusiastic".