The Pant Devil

The Pant Devil

The Pant Devil is an evil Neopets character that appears to run around Neopia stealing items from innocent users.

You can fight the Pant Devil in the Battledome. He has 21 hp the first time you fight him.

You can protect your items by putting them in your shop or safety deposit box. The items are also safe from theft when they are up for auction or trade.

There's a rumor that if you have a Pant Devil Attractor in your inventory, the Pant Devil will prefer to steal it rather than any other item.

The Pant Devil also steals (yoinks) Nova Wands every year at the Advent calender. What he does with all these wands is unkown, but many people think that he's working with the Meepits.

Not much is known about this creatures past, however he has a long history of thievery.