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Very well. You want to make a difference? You want a world you can freely participate in? I will give it to you. I will destroy the world as it is now known and replace it with another. A world where your restrains will mean nothing and you can do as you please. Goodbye.
~ Pandora, to Adrian.

Pandora Raven, who Magus called Chaos, is the current main villain of El Goonish Shive. She is the mother of Adrian, the history teacher of Grace and Ellen. She wants to reveal the existence of magic to normal humans so Adrian could do whatever he wants.


Pandora is an immortal. Immortals are ancient beings who can live as long as they want, and when they become old enough, they recreate their bodies and lose their memories except with the knowledge of most important events in their life. Usually immortals keep their body and memories of a few hundred years, but Pandora wanted to keep her memories forever. However, this led to insanity.

After her son's fight with Abraham, Pandora decided that magic beings had hidden from humans for long enough and started to make a plan to reveal magic to public. She empowered a human named Dex and told him to summon fire monsters and dragons to attack a comic book shop and a martial arts dojo in the city of Moperville. She also appeared in the form of a little girl in public television just to cause chaos.

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