Pandora is the main villain and final boss from Aero Fighters/Sonic Wings.

Pandora is an alien entity who came upon Earth with the purpose of leading reconaissance. However, it decided to exterminate humans instead, creating the evil organization Fata Morgana and building up a massive military power. Fata Morgana eventually starts to take over the world, so the United Nations send Project Blue, a peacekeeping force comprised of pilots from various countries to fight back. As most of Fata Morgana's weapons are crushed, they find the organization's base of operations, where Pandora itself is. Pandora attempts to take over on a space shuttle, but as it is destroyed it ends fighting the heroes and being destroyed.

The fight takes place on the space station, as the player must destroy the space shuttle first, then fight a rocket that comes out of it before fighting Pandora itself, near the border of the atmosphere. It is a timed battle, so if the player takes too long, Pandora will run away and the game will show the bad ending, where the earth is destroyed.