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It's been soo long since I've had a body. Eat your hearts out, ladies.
~ Pandora
Do I look like a strategy guide? In case you haven't noticed...THIS ISN'T THE ASK AUNTIE PANDORA HOUR!
~ Pandora
Pandora (Kid Icarus)
(パンドーラ Pandôra), also known as Amazon Pandora (女戦士パンド-ラ Onna Senshi Pandôra), is the Goddess of Calamity and a villainess in Kid Icarus. For reasons unknown, Pandora lost her physical form and was reduced to a ghostly face made of a fiery vapor. She can create illusions in her palace and also hovers throughout the battlefield, spitting fireballs at Pit during their battle.

After bathing in the Spring of Revival, a fountain that reverses time, she is resurrected as her human form named Amazon Pandora. She became very beautiful, sparking jealousy in both Palutena and Viridi. She is defeated by Dark Pit, who is then able to save Pit.



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