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Panda Bubba

PandaBubba is a ruthless Hong Kong kingpin, and a minor villain in Xiaolin Showdown.


Has the vague appearance of a panda, with his strange hairstyle, the black rings around his eyes, his bulky appearance and his black and white business suit. PandaBubba and two of his henchmen makes a cameo in "Time After Time (2)".



PandaBubba with two of his henchmen.

PandaBubba entered the picture when Jack Spicer traded him the Shen Gong Wu to get a loan for robot parts (which he used to build his Yes-Bot). PandaBubba discovered how the Shen Gong Wu worked (as well as how to perform a Xiaolin Showdown, or in his case, a Showdown Trio) from a cheat sheet Jack left in the left Jetbootsu. He had plans to take over Hong Kong, but was defeated by Raimundo in a Showdown Trio for the Longi Kite. He had wagered the Fist of Tebigong in a race on boats. After losing, he was arrested by the police. He later returned, tricking Kimiko's father into making him a business partner. He attempted to take control of the video game company, as well as managing to turn her father into a zombie using a Shen Gong Wu from Jack, the Zing Zom-Bone. He was beaten by Kimiko in a Xiaolin Showdown playing Goo Zombies 4. His main apperarance in Xiaolin Chronicles is Magic Stallion and the Wild Wild West, Xiaolin Redemption, and Heal Me.



  • PandaBubba is voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson in Xiaolin Showdown and by Eric Bauza in Xiaolin Chronicles.
  • PandaBubba and two of his henchmen make a cameo in the episode "Time After Time: Part II".

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