Pamela Dare
Pamela Dare was the main villainess from "Succubus," the penultimate episode of Season One of Superboy.

She was played by legendary actress Sybil Danning, who is best known for playing Stirba in Howling II:  Your Sister is a Werewolf.

Pamela Dare was a famous author who is also a centuries-old succubus, and in the episode's early scenes, she is shown draining the life force of a male fan who wanted her autograph. She is interviewed by Lana and TJ, and later begins seducing the latter, mainly to get him to reveal that he knows Superboy. After seeing Superboy at a baseball game (actually playing every position), Pamela decided to set her evil sights on the superhero, stating that his powers would maintain her youth for such a long time that she'll never have to feed on anyone again.

Pamela's powers only work when her victims show fear, but when she approached Superboy for the first time, he didn't show any fear. Later in the episode, Pamela is confronted by Lana over her actions, which caused TJ (under Pamela's seductive spell) to punch Clark after he found her with him. However, the evil Pamela threatened Lana and held her and TJ captive by placing them in her deathtraps, which drew Superboy to her. After revealing her true nature, Pamela unleashed her power and fed off of Superboy, but he was still able to save Lana and TJ in time. As for Pamela, Superboy's life force proved to be her undoing, as she was growing younger and younger and was finally reduced to crystalized form.