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Pam is the second and minor antagonist of the 1980 movie Urban Cowboy. She was played by Madolyn Smith.


After Bud broke up with Sissy, Bud decided to be with Pam in order to make Sissy jealous. Sissy went over to Bud's trailer and clean it up nice to make up and apologize for hurting him by writing him a note and encountered Pam just as she was leaving. Pam eventually found the note, tore it up and had Bud to stay and take care of him (so that he would not go back to Sissy). Later, Pam found out that Bud was still in love with Sissy and that he did the Bull Riding competition for her and not for Pam. Pam even confessed that she was not the one that cleaned the trailer and that it was all Sissy's doing and that she tore up the note. This resulted Bud to leave Pam and go to be with Sissy.