Palomides the Executioner is a minor villain in Radiant Historia but a major plot element in the game. He is a knight from Granorg, infamous for being way too sanguinary and not letting its victims get out alive. Near the beginning of the game, he kills both Raini and Marco under command of High Colonel Dias. The protagonist, Stocke, escapes by jumping off to a nearby river. After getting over the shock and grieving over his lost new companions, the Guardians of Historia manifest and tells him about the Flux powers imbued within the White Chronicle he was given and that with it, he must travel through time to uncover "The True History". This also means that he could save countless lives whenever a node appears, but others must still be lost. Raini and Marco, however, were not of those lives and the first thing Stocke manages is to avoid contact with Palomides and spare his friends' lives.