Pale Bay Leaf is the secondary antagonist from Sonic X during the final season. Pale Bay Leaf is an insectoid Metarex with three eyes and a light blue cape. His armor is a slightly lighter color. Of all the Metarex commanders, he is the most tactical, seeking intelligent methods to his problems and is Dark Oak's second in command. He is also unintimidated by Sonic and co., and after the Chaos Emeralds are scattered by a gravity field, he was the first to recover one.

Later, Pale Bay Leaf made a deal with the planet of Cascade, promising to spare them if they hand over Dr. Eggman. However, his fleet was decimated by the attacking Shadow, but latter wiped out and tourted the rebels. Despite this, Bay Leaf continued to survive, and later formed an alliance with Eggman to launch a massive attack on Sonic and co. Due to a ruse by Eggman, he temporarily thought that he had destroyed the Blue Typhoon. He later imprisoned Dr. Eggman for stealing secret information. Pale Bay Leaf is the Metarex who shot down and killed Molly, Shadow destroys his whole fleet due to this. He survives though and is seen laughing manicaly over it.

Following this, Pale Bay Leaf teamed up with Black Narcissus to attack the Blue Typhoon during the final battle. He wields a pair of swords, which he can apparently either call back to him or conjure as many as he wants, similar to Amy Rose's Piko Piko Hammer. He later fused with Black Narcissus and Dark Oak to become a three-headed plant dragon monster. However, he was killed by the Blue Typhoon.