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Pajiramon is the Sheep Deva who works for the Sovereign Zhuqiaomon.


Pajiramon and Vajramon appeared downtown in the real world and did some rampaging. Gargomon fought her but she had the advantage, stomping on him, until Henry Wong used the Blue Card to Digivolve Gargomon to Rapidmon who gained the advantage. Pajiramon attempted to use one of the tamers as a human shield, but before she had the chance, Rapidmon destroyed Pajiramon and Vajramon. Unfortunately, Vajramon somehow revived himself.

Pajiramon was the polar opposite of her partner as Vajramon saw his fight with Renamon as an amusing pastime, whereas Pajiramon regarded it as "my job" and Terriermon as a "little traitor", showing her resentment for humans (even going so far as to attempt to use Henry as a human shield from Rapidmon). It could be discussed that she and her partner were a couple, but it's not implied.


  • Thunder Stomp - Stomps the ground to create a shockwave.
  • Wields a crossbow.


She is a subordinate of the Four Holy Beasts member, Zhuqiaomon, and is a member of the Twelve Devas. This Digimon took on the form of the "Ram". She is said to be the 'Prophet of the Twelve Devas', and her cruel secret is that she can rule over dreams. She wields the "Treasure Bow" in her hands.


  • Pajiramon slightly resembles the evil Master Moo in his final form.
  • Pajiramon is the only Deva to be permanently destroyed by Terriermon.
  • She was voiced by Mary Elizabeth McGlynn.

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