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Painis Cupcake

Painis Cupcake

Full Name
Painis Cupcake
A Soldier freak usually have his face seen with a large smile on it
Brutal,insane(when angered only),funny(sometimes)
1,200+ psi bite force,Can get uber-charged which makes him invincible(usually when provoked),superhuman strengh
His jaws,bare hands
Type of Villain
Mutant, Cannibal

I am Painis Cupcake. I will eat you.
~ Painis Cupcake

Painis Cupcake is the main character and main villain of Rubberfruits ever popular shorts Painis Cupcake. Painis is a Team Fortress 2 soldier with a.... different mindset on what to do. He attacks people on red team even though he is red and eats all of his victims.


  • Makes stickybomb launcher reloading sound when he moves
  • Once turned "uber" when fighting heavy
  • Can jump long distances (as shown in Painis Cupcake finds two new victims)
  • Likes Donkey Kong 64 music
  • Has a creepy colon d smile
  • Likes to eat people
  • Is on red team
  • Usually lies down when found

Unanswered questions

Painis's background is never looked into so it is unclear as to how he became a homicidal maniac. Some might say he has PTSD others might say he isn't human at all. Also he never expresses his opinion on the blue team though it is possible that blue team doesn't exist so he attacks red which may possibly answer both of the current questions. Another good question is what is his real name. Granted it is possible Painis Cupcake is his real name though it is highly unlikly.


RubberFruit Soundtrack - Puzzle in the Caves Painis Cupcake Theme06:09

RubberFruit Soundtrack - Puzzle in the Caves Painis Cupcake Theme

Painis Cupcake Rage Theme - Donkey Kong 64 - Demon resident Mine Cart ~ DL04:58

Painis Cupcake Rage Theme - Donkey Kong 64 - Demon resident Mine Cart ~ DL

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