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Pain (real name: Vixann Blackphox) is an arch-villain from the Extinctioners universe and sister to Corruption - she acts as one of the primary antagonists of Artic Blue and is in charge of the Fem Fatales gang.

Pain's origin is much the same as her brother in that she was once part of the Garden but found herself banished when her brother's plan to corrupt a rival clan's daughter instead ended in her death and ever since both she and her brother have been seeking ways to regain power and exact revenge on those they believe wronged them.

As a kitsune Pain can drain the life of the opposite sex and form a "tail" - which grants her unique abilities, doing this is entirely optional as she will naturally grow a "tail" as she gets older, yet much like her brother she simply prefers to feed on others (much like a vampire or succubus).

Pain is openly bisexual, though this is due to necessity as her species require the energies of the opposite sex to form new "tails" - she greatly prefers female company and is often paired with Misery.

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