Pagumon are minor villains in the Digimon series.


Pagumon are small In-Training Level Digimon that is just a head, with rabbit-like ears, and red eyes.

Digimon Adventures 01

When the DigiDestined came to a village suppost to be populated by Koromon (Agumon's in-training mode), the village was populated by Pagumon instead. At first it looked like they were gentle Digimon who like to party, but it turned out they kidnapped the Koromon and T.K's Tokomon.

Digimon Adventures 02

While the Digimon Emperor were ruling the Digital World he chased a small army of Pagumon.

Digimon Frontier

J.P. and Tommy ask a Pagumon for directions to the Flame Terminal. After some arguments over J.P.'s chocolate, many Pagumon end up chasing the two humans underground, where they are fought off by Koji. One of them Digivolved into Raremon, but was still defeated.

Digimon Xros Wars

Tagiru captured a Pagumon when it was playing in an Okonomiyaki shop. He decided to set him free, Pagumon started to cry. Because it was crying, Pagumon suddenly split into countless white Pagumon that swarmed the city looking for more Okonomiyaki. Eventually they managed to calm Pagumon down and Tagiru re-captured Pagumon again.


  • Awa
  • Poison Bubbles
  • Tackle