Pagan Chaos! 893191-

Pagan in his usual garb.

Pagan is a villain from Chaos! comics.  He first appeared in Chaos! Quarterly.


Pagan is the court Jester of Hell, he's served in taht position for at least 500 years, probabaly longer. He served under the reign of Lucifer, and later under Lady Death. 

He was hired by the Trinity of Evil to get Lady Death out of Hell, which he did by having The Hydra push her out of The Nexus of Al Things. Afterward he was involved with Cyr's battle with Lucifer. 

Pagan also met Evil Ernie when The Evil One went to Hell, and the two joked a little bit before Pagan was violently dismemebred by EVil Ernie. 

Being a demon, Pagan was abel to survive his dismemberment, and would plague Lady Death when she eventually returned to Hell.