Padma Lahari

Padma Lahari was a recurring villainess from the second season of Revenge. 

She was played by Dilshad Vadsaria.

Padma first appeared in the season's second episode, "Resurrection," where she met Nolan Ross. The two became business partners and by episode 2.04, "Intuition," Padma became Nolan's love interest. Padma turned heel in the final scene of episode 2.11, "Sabotage," when she is revealed to be in league with the sinister Americon Initiative. She managed to get Nolan's ex-boyfriend, Marco, out of the way when she informed Nolan that he and Daniel Grayson were talking about Carrion, a computer program that Nolan cooked up a long time ago. In the final scene, the evil Padma informed Helen Crowley (the Initiative's leader) that Carrion is hidden somewhere inside NolCorp, Nolan's company.

Padma's villainous ruse was caught by Nolan in the following episode, "Collusion," when Padma slips up by stating that Carrion is a computer program, which Nolan didn't tell her. She is finally confronted by Nolan in the episode, "Union," where Padma reveals that the Initiative were holding her father hostage and she was forced to work with them on obtaining Carrion. After Nolan gives her an incomplete version of Carrion, with a tracking device, Padma hands the program to Trask, who later kidnaps her. Though not shown on-screen, Padma was killed in the episode "Masquerade," however in the season finale, "Truth (Part 2)," Padma is shown in a video from weeks prior falsely claiming that Nolan is the leader of the Initiative.