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Paddy Padderson is a recurring antagonist in the animated series Scaredy Squirrel. He's a ferret who always gets the better of scaredy and he's also the exact opposite of him. He is voiced by David Berni who also voiced Gobsmack on Pearlie.

Who's Your Paddy

Paddy was the main antagonist in the episode "Who's Your Paddy". When he lies to Momma, he gets promoted to the Stash 'n Hoard and takes credit for Scaredy's Stacking. Nester dosn't seem to care if he took over Scaredy's job, until Momma annouced something about his job (or something like that).

The Golden Paddleball

Paddy was also the chief antagonist in "The Golden Paddleball". He attemps to beat Scaredy into buying the titled product.

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