Paddleball Camp Master (also called "Coach") is a one-time antagonist in the Scardey Squirrel episode "Camp and Consenquenses". He's a giant snake who teaches anything but paddleball with his Chimpmunk Assitant. His role of being a villain is hypontizing campers and not teaching them to play paddleball. This is due to him using the campers money on himself rather the equitpment for the camp.


Using his eyes to hypontize campers, like Kaa (and possibly a homage to him)


  • Paddleball Camp Master is one of the villains in Scardey Squirrel that dosn't return (the other bein Paulie).
  • Alothough he has no hands, it's unknow how he puts clothes on.
  • is anger is very similar to Penny from The Mighty B!.