Paco Loco is the penultimate boss in Sunset Riders.


Paco Loco is the third henchmen of Sir Richard Rose. He protects the gate to Richard's mansion and will shoot anyone who goes near it. Despite his duty, he somehow earned a bounty of $70,000. Steve, Billy, Bob and Cormano fight him at the dam. They defeat him and place and explosive in front of the gate. Afterward, they enter Richard Rose's property.


Paco is not really hard despite his status as a late boss. He simply stands on top of the gate while firing a maxim. However, a goon in a nearby tree will constantly toss explosives at the player. It is advisable to kill the goon as soon as possible.


  • A maxim was a late 19th century version of a machine gun.
  • Paco performs a sneak attack after his defeat by firing a few more bullets at the player. The other bosses don't try this trick.
  • Loco means "crazy" in Spanish.