Pachacamac is the name of Tikal's father, who acted as a historical antagonist in Sonic Adventure as well as making an appearance in Archie's Sonic the Hedgehog comics' Sonic the Comic and Sonic X - active many years before the modern age in what appeared to be the echidna-version of the Aztec Empire Pachacamac was a ruthless ruler who sought power over other nations by force.

Pachacamac and his men gathered forces and attempted to take the power of the Master Emerald for themselves, this disturbed Tikal - who was a pacifist at heart - she had also taken to caring for the chao which resided next to the Master Emerald and knew her father's invasion would do them harm.

Thus when Pachacamac and his men arrived Tikal blocked their path and tried to reason with them only for Pachacamac to shove her aside and order his men to attack - slaughtering the chao (though some sources state the chao were simply knocked out, rather than killed), which caused the creature known as Chaos to rise and exact revenge via massacring Pachacamac and his people.