Waka, waka, waka . . . .
~ The sound of Pac-Man makes while he eats
Pac-man's a bad guy?
~ Sam talking about Pac-Man

Pac-Man (or simply just Pac) is the secondary antagonist of the 2015 action-sci-fi-comedy film, Pixels.


When Sam saw Pac-Man is going to destroy New York, Professor Iwatani saw Pac-Man was going to kill everything. He wanted to stop Pac-Man and talk to him. Professor Iwatani talks to Pac-Man, addresses Pac-Man as his son, but Pac-Man bites Iwatani's hand and also destroyed. When Iwatani's hand was destroyed, only three ghost cars left. Eddie defeats Pac-Man 2 times, and he attempts to finish Pac-Man off, but he plunges into the water and missed Pac-Man. When Pac-Man eats power pellets and the ghost cars are turning blue, Pac-Man gets mad and attempts to eat everyone in the cars. Ludlow's car was destroyed by Pac-Man, but Ludlow manages to escape from the car. He was going to kill Brenner, but 10 seconds later, the car turns back to normal in time, killing Pac-man on contact. Later on while the heroes were celebrating their second victory, the aliens explained that it was revealed that someone cheated and the contest for the planet has been forfeited which makes Pac-Man win by default.