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Pac-Man the Vampire Dog


His name's Pac-Man. We've been porting the vampire gene into other species, experimenting.
~ Asher Talos about the dog, Pac-Man.

Pac-Man is an antagonist in Blade: Trinity. He is a vampire Pomeranian dog who is Jarko Glennwood's pet and the first of the ordinary animals to become the new vampire species and he is a prototype dog, an experiment for injecting the vampires' gene in other species than humans. He becomes Jarko Grimwood's pet, who brings him anywhere with him.


Pac-Man is with Jarko during Hannibal King's torture, and acknowledges the human as an enemy. When he breaks free, Pac-Man intercepts him, followed by two pitbulls injected with vampire DNA. The three dogs eventually charge King and force him to flee, but, just in front of a window, Hannibal jumps and hangs on a tube, thus making all the dogs fly out of the window. Since a brief time later dawn comes, Pac-Man is supposed to be dead along with the two pitbulls.

Character traits

Pac-Man possesses all the vampires' abilities, so he is more strong, fast, quick, resistant, and invulnerable than a normal dog and feeds on blood. He shares the same weaknesses, such as sunlight, silver, and garlic.

Behind the Scenes

Originally, Pac-Man was supposed to be a doberman, but Ryan Reynolds convinced David S. Goyer to change it in something more unexpected, comical, and funny.


  • Pac-Man's jaws are the same as Jared Nomak and the Reapers from Blade II.
  • Originally, Pac-Man was supposed to be a Doberman, but Ryan Reynolds convinced David S. Goyer to change it into something more unexpected and comical.
  • The character shares the same name with a video game character, Pac-Man.

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