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Pablo Vargas is a deranged serial rapist-turned-serial killer and the main antagonist of the Criminal Minds episode, Machismo.



Years before the events of Machismo, Pablo killed his own mother for unknown reasons and started to rape random women. One of his would-be victims, Milagros Villanueva mocked him for wearing a dress, this incident gave him a strong trauma, he then tried to rape his first victim's mother but failed and killed her instead, feeling how good killing a person was, he decided to do the same with his other victims' mothers.


After killing most of his victims' mothers, he tried to kill Milagros Villanueva's mother, Nina Villanueve. However, Pablo was found and ambushed by the women he raped, Pablo was beaten by them and castrated. It is unknown if he survived or died from blood loss.


Rapes: 13 (1 attempted)

  • Julia Torres Morales
  • María Gómez Fuentes
  • Michelle Cortez Torres
  • Rosario Reyes Espinoza
  • Juana Robles Pérez
  • Carmen Morales Rivas
  • Nicolasa Martínez Reyes
  • Conchita Ochoa Morales
  • María Sánchez Tovarez
  • Susana Montes Hernández
  • Unnamed Victim
  • Rosa Trejo
  • Anna Santiago
  • Milagros Villanueva (attempted)

Body Count: 14 (1 attempted)

  • Mrs. Vargas
  • Elena Gutiérrez Torres
  • Juanita Rodríguez Gómez
  • Patricia Fernández Cortez
  • Marielys Espinoza Reyes
  • Gloria Rivas Robles
  • Carla Chávez Morales
  • Adriana Flores Martínez
  • Isabel Silva De Ochoa
  • Regina Cortez Sánchez
  • Linda Quintanilla Montes
  • Raquel Trevino
  • Lupe Trejo
  • Isabel Santiago
  • Nina Villanueva (attempted)