Three little lambs to the slaughter.
~ Paavo, about the three protagonists

Paavo is an intelligent human from far future who worked with Plast, a highly variable substance that could make anything from weapons to buildings. He is the game's main antagonist.


Role in the Game

Do I sense a disturbance here? A sync node plucked from my mind's embrace? Have you disobeyed me, my Echo? Have you given sanctuary to this...weakling?'
~ Paavo to Echo

Paavo is the creator of EchoPlast and the "father" of Echo. However, from Echo's words ( "Father hurts...") he is an abusive, opprobrious, and inconsiderate creator. Along with Kess and Gherran, Plastids are his minions and he makes them by shaping them from Echo's flesh. A new shaper, called Nevin, threatens Paavo's control over Echo and the planet the story takes place on. Nevin posses the ability to slip through time and shape Echo's flesh as he himself can do, but instead of domination, the younger boy looks to give the Echoplast it's freedom.


Paavo, in stasis or deceased

Paavo battles Nevin in the later chapters of the game, first as a giant plant-like monster, then in a small, fast plast-like machine. When he is defeated, a cutscene shows him, Kess, Gherran and Alana within the plast.

It is unknown if he is deceased.


Paavo is a tall, fair-skinned man with silvery hair and ethereal white eyes. He has a suit of pale, dark purple, with dark gray accents.


Paavo is very arrogant and very vicious as well as selfish. In this, he is similar to henchmen Kess, but unlike her he is more eloquent.

Villain Similarities

  • Paavo is similar to Flowey, both having the ability to warp the world around them but with the arrival of the hero, this ability is taken; either completely or in part.