YouTube personality Bart Baker portrays a fictional version of South Korean pop star PSY in his videos "Condom Style" and "Super Creepy Asian Man", which are parodies of, respectively, PSY's hit songs "Gangnam Style" and "Gentleman". In the videos, PSY is depicted as a very perverted individual, though he does have some antagonistic moments in both videos.

Antagonistic moments in both videos

"Condom Style"

  • Spits on the dancing boy.
  • Calls the girl he's dancing with a slut.
  • Orders the guy in yellow to pull his pants down in order to figure out if he's a guy or a girl.
  • Admits he hangs around subways to find girls to grope.

"Super Creepy Asian Man"

  • Says he had gonhorrea and wants to give it to the lady using the treadmill.
  • Breaks both of the same lady's kneecaps.
  • Kidnaps a pair of children.
  • Says he loves disrespecting and molesting ladies.
  • Calls one girl a slut.