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i am the PLAGUE.
PLAGUE, also known as plagueofourfathers or Child (as his master refers him), is a loyal servant to a more powerful entity and a minor antagonist in the Slenderverse ARG, Afraid at Home and returns in the Slenderblog, Stargazer as the secondary antagonist. 


Afraid at Home

The first time he interacted with anyone was after the ending of the first part of Afraid At Home. Someone e-mailed Kyle asking if everything was alright. PLAGUE then responded posing as Jake, Kyle's brother.


PLAGUE first appeared in the YouTube channel known as plagueofourfathers, mocking and taunting Zeke. Later, he reveals to be working for another creature called FATHER and that their goal is to find a more powerful entity named SAVIOR. It's also revealed that PLAGUE was created by a cosmic monster named WATCHER, along with FATHER and Zeke himself, making PLAGUE his older brother.



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