The PATBOT 3000s (or just the 'Patbots') are the secondary antagonists of Postman Pat: The Movie.

The PATBOT 3000 was the idea of Edwin Carbunkle, who wanted his robot postman to take over the Special Delivery Service. However, the early prototype was too scary, and all PATBOT 3000s were redesigned to resemble Pat.

Many of the PATBOT 3000s (not to mention Jess robots) are deployed to take over Pat's postal duties while he is away for the "You're the One" talent contest, which later turns out to be an evil plot to take over the world.

The robots cause havoc across Greendale in their SDS vehicles and spin out of control. The PATBOT even fires Ben, along with the whole SDS staff, leading the villagers to lose their trust in Pat. But, after Pat's departure to London, the people of Greendale slowly begin to realize that there appears to be more than one Pat. They eventually discover that Mr Carbuncle is in fact using the robots to take over the SDS, and in the process, they regain their trust in Pat and hurry to London to save him.

Wilf is also unaware of the PATBOT and tries to get back at Pat for stealing his stardom. When the PATBOT approaches him he shields himself with a magnet, which short circuits the robot. He also uses it on the PATBOT at the talent show.

The PATBOT joins in the dance scene at the end of the movie after Carbunkle is arrested.


These robots turn out very friendly at first, but soon malfunction, and do things that is not like Pat, developing into world domination plans.


The PATBOT 3000 appears in Postman Pat the Movie.