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Well eventually I'll be wanting you to squishevery pirate of the face of the planet into a sticky red goo, but for now let's just... KILL GUYBRUSH THREEPWOOD
~ Ozzie Mandrill controlling LeChuck
LeChuck! You colossal idiot, I order you to cease this at once! Hey! Wait a minute... you can't do this to me... I'm Ozzie Mandrill. I'm the future of the Carribean. I command... stop... don't... Aaiiiiieeeeee!
~ Ozzie Mandrill's last words, right before being killed by LeChuck
Ozzie Mandrill is the second primary villain of Escape from Monkey Island and the head of Ozzie Mandrill Enterprises. He is a ruthless Australian businessman whose sole goal in life is the gathering of wealth. With LeChuck, Ozzie orchestrates a sinister conspiracy to seize control of the Caribbean and extend his enterprises though crime, political manipulation, and deception. Ozzie's wealth and lifestyle make it very easy for him to cover his tracks and never be connected to any crime, including attempted murder, frame up, and conspiracy. He also plays integrally into the disappearance of H. T. Marley, the man who unintentionally extended Ozzie's obsession for power and money to the Caribbean.

Early History

According to H. T. Marley, Ozzie Mandrill was an Australian businessman who was struggling in making deals as no one would do business with him anymore. To cheer him up Marley, who was in Australia for a boat race, told Ozzie tales about the Caribbean and some of it's voodoo secrets. One of the secrets was about a ego shattering talisman called the Ultimate Insult, which apparently caught Ozzie's interest. The next day, during the American cup boat race, Ozzie apparently rammed Marley's boat into a fierce whirlpool, possibly to prevent him from telling anyone else about the Ultimate Insult.

Escape from Monkey Island