Villain Ozzie drawn ChronoTrigger


is a villain from Chrono Trigger who attacks Crono and his party in 600 AD as a General of Magus' army: acting as one of his henchmen alongside Flea and Slash.

Ozzie appears to be a powerful necromancer capable of creating numerous Deceased, which act as his servants - after being defeated twice he merges several Deceased to form the boss known as Zombor and orders it to crush the enemies of Magus.

Villain Ozzie ChronoTrigger

Battle Ozzie

When faced in Magus's Castle, Ozzie challenges the party to defeat all monsters in the place, and is constantly trying to pull devices all over the castle in an attempt to trap the heroes, but they all fail miserably, ending with him retreating to the next room. In the final room, he cast a spell of absolute defense on himself, but he ends victim of one of his devices, falling into a pitfall. He is seen again near the end of the game, along with Slash and Flea in his own castle. This time, he will fight alongside the two, but as the two get defeated, he will retreat to the back room, where he once again fall victim to the same trap of before.