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Ozymandias, also named the Golden Monkey, is the secondary antagonist of His Dark Materials and is the daemon of Mrs. Coulter. He is a very cruel, sadistic, merciless daemon who enjoys tormenting others of his kind, unlike most daemons in the series.

He is never seen shapeshifting because his mistress is adult, and therefore he has lost his power of shapeshifting. But he can play mind games, and abuse people, and torture humans and animals.

His name is never given in the books but Philip Pullman named him Ozymandias after the poem by Percy Shelley.

Ozymandias is in charge of the General Oblation Board along with his mistress Mrs. Coulter, and he strikes fear in any human and daemon he meets. He is very impatient, and betrays Mrs. Coulters' true feelings.

At one point Ozymandias is attacked by the demon spy-fly and is badly hurt, but he lives.

Like all daemons, he reacts to pain his human gets, such as when Mrs. Coulter is struck by the Gallivespians, he feels it too.

He is at his most evil in the cave, in the Himalaya, where he torments small bats and pulls off their wings when they are still alive.

He goes to Metatron with Mrs. Coulter and lies to the prince of the angels about Mrs. Coulter and Lyra. He fights Metatron with Mrs. Coulter and Lord Asriel and falls into the abyss astride Metatron's hair, where Ozymandias is extinguished when Mrs. Coulter finally dies, resulting in him disappearing.

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