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Ozone is a minor antagonist in the 2016 animated film The Secret Life of Pets.

He is voiced by Steve Coogan, who played David Ershon.


Ozone first appears in an alley way after Duke threw Max into a garbage bin as revenge of his treatment on him. Ozone appears from the bin and begins antagonizing the dogs and he steals Duke's colors. At first, Duke isn't intimidated, but when Ozone's army shows up, Duke runs away, leaving Max at the mercy of the cats who torment him and steal his color. When animal control shows up, Ozone and his group hide and retreat.

Ozone later appears when a Tiberius the hawk take him to Gidget. He coughs up Max's color, but he sleazily refuses to discolse anymore information, even when Tiberius threatens to throw him off the building he is on. It isn't until that Gidget slaps him repeatedly that he tells them that Max and Duke are in the sewers.

He last appears at the ending where he is in attendance at a party of a dog named Leonard, but is forced to retreat along with the other guests when Leonard's owner shows up.


  • Although never stated, it is implied that he is associated with Snowball or even part of his gang since he knew Max and Duke were taken to the sewers without having the audience know how.

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