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The Owls are Macha's owl pets and are the (former) secondary antagonists of the 2014 animated Irish film Song of the Sea.

Not much is known about these Owls, but they are pets/henchman to the Owl Witch Macha and follow her commands, one of the requests that she asks them is to steal everyone's feelings and take them to her. Their main goal shown in the film is to kidnap Ben's sister, Saoirse and bring her to Macha.

The owls help Macha take everyone's feeling, including Saoirse, they are first seen in the city where Ben and his sister were moved to, they attack them but fail, and later they successfully take Saoirse from Ben to Macha.

Later on in the film, they are seen in Macha's house eating biscuits and relaxing, but after Ben tries to save Saoirse, the Owls go and attack him from outside and try to break through the attic window. They keep on breaking the glass till it nearly breaks, but Ben breaks one of the jars which has feelings in it, then all of the jars break, it defeats Macha and it scares the Owls away. They are last seen comforting Macha as she observes a photo of her son before she joins the Faeries and her son moving on to the spirit world as Saoirse sings.




  • The Owls have no given names throughout the film.