Owl Imagin

Owl Imagin: The Owl Imagin wields a sword and uses his feathers as bombs, just like the Crow Imagin. When Shūji Toyama wishes for the park he works at to become a better place for the stray animals that live in it, the Owl fulfills this wish by first attacking any human who tries to enter the park, then, eventually barricading the entrance to the park with cars, and debris. When he travels to the past, havoc ensues before the Owl Imagin is defeated by Den-O Gun Form, however. The Owl Imagin reform into Gigandeath Heaven and Hades, the Heaven is destroyed by DenLiner Ikazuchi's energy blast and the Hades Gigandeath is destroyed by combined firepower of DenLiner Ikazuchi and Gun Form's Wild Shot.

OOO, Den-O, All Riders: Let's Go Kamen Riders

Owl Imagin appeared and were part of the this Shocker alliance, when the timeline is partially restored and the Riders return, Owl Imagin fighting with Cyborg Soldier Level 2 and is easily defeated by Kamen Rider Shin.