Owl Stellaluna attacks

The Owl is a minor antagonist in the book, Stellaluna and the main antagonist of the 2004 animated adaptation.

He was voiced by Blu Mankuma.



In the book, he sets the plot off by attacking Stellaluna and her mom, causing the former to fall out of her mothers' grasp into the forest below

Animated Adaptation

The owl has a much larger role in the animated film adaptation. This owl is very different than the one in the book. He is credited as "Great White Owl" . He serves as a threat to not only Stellaluna, but also to the sparrow family and the rest of the forest as well. He is first seen attacking Stellaluna’s mother, causing her to drop Stellaluna. Then Stellaluna and the baby birds awaken him from his slumber and he threatens "Who dares go there?". Luckily, she and others managed to avoid him. Near the climax, he kidnaps Momma Bird and plans to eat her, but Stellaluna leads the other bats to attack the owl, and he flies away in terror, never to bother anyone again.


In the book, he did not have much of a personality other than his predatory instincts. However, in the movie, he is shown as ominous, murderous, and downright evil.


The Owl has grayish-white feathers, yellow eyes and extremely sharp talons.