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Owen Milligan is a major antagonist of Degrassi, being the secondary antagonist in season 10 (the first half). Owen is a homophobic jock who been teasing kids who are gay and transgender. Owen is a enemy to Riley Stavros, Zane Park and Adam Torres. When Owen dated Anya Macpherson he seems more mature and changes his ways also become a protagonist in season 11 and Season 12 he also become a caring brother to his younger brother Tristan Milligan. 

His hero status is questionable as at the midway point of season 10, he went from attempted rapist to romantic hero without warning or explanation. He essentially sexually harasses Anya, touching her without her consent. Later she falls for him even though he has done literally nothing to make up for his crimes or even apologize to a single person he physically, psychologically or sexually abused.

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