Fool, Pa Angel! You dared to think you can use me and survive! Now it will be my pleasure to help you to your fate! DIE! HA, HA, HA, HA!
~ The Judge Child killing Pa Angel
~ The Mutant
Owen Krysler, also known as ​"The Judge Child" and  "The Mutant" was a major villain in the 2000 AD comic strip Judge Dredd. He was the main antagonist in the storylines 'The Judge Child', '', 'Destiny's Angels' and 'City of the Damned.' He also appeared in Dredd's mind in 'In the year 2120'.


The Judge Child

I saw a war more ghastly than any we have known. I saw our city destroyed - And from the destruction foul creatures rose to prey on the survivors...! This will happen in the year 2120. But there is one who can save us. I have seen him. A child born of this city... He is no ordinary boy. On the head he bears the Eagle of Justice... He is fated to rule Mega-City One on it's greatest hour. I have only a name - Owen Krysler. He can guide us through the darkness. Find him - Find the Judge Child!

~ Judge Feyy's prophecy
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Judge Feyy's prophecy

The Prophecy

Judge Feyy, the oldest Psi-Judge in Mega-City One and was 88.8% accurate in his predictions of the future, prophesied a disaster in the year 2120 where the city was destroyed and creatures rose up from the destruction and preyed on the survivors and the only one who can save Mega-City One from the disaster is a boy who bears the Eagle of Justice on his head and is fated to rule Mega-City One on it's greatest hour. His name was Owen Krysler and Feyy told them they must find the Judge Child. Chief Judge Griffin told Dredd that numerous of their Pre-Cogs have predicted time of crisis in 2120s and that's the clearest vision yet and that there are 47 people named Owen Krysler in Mega-City One but their are none of them who fit the description from the prophecy. Griffin points out there is one other Owen Krysler who left the city with his parents four years ago and settled in the new Mutieland territories and Dredd then proceeded into the Cursed Earth to look for him.

The Abduction

Many days later Dredd has managed to find the settlement and found numerous people hanged and encounters a mutant who tells him that the slavers were responsible for this and looted everything they wanted excluding him due to him being ugly. Dredd asks him about the Kryslers and the mutant shows Dredd the corpses of Owen Krysler's parents and says the slavers abducted the boy. Dredd manages to find a picture of him and he has the Eagle of Justice on his head just like the prophecy and proceeded to look for the Slavers. A week later he managed to find the slavers who did it and stormed into their camp, taking down most of the slavers and knocking one into the sulphur sand, where he starts to slowly sink and begs Dredd to help him. Dredd demands to know where Owen Krysler is and the slaver says that he remembers him and he's a very strange boy, since he didn't shed a tear when his parents were killed like he knew it would happen and told Dredd he was brought on the slave market by some guys who are in the Neutron Flats. Dredd then lets the released slaves do whatever they want to him and Dredd starts to look for him.

The Slave Market

Dredd arrives at the biggest slave market in Mutieland and disguised himself by having a radiation cloak over his head. He witnessed an auction going on and after the auction Dredd goes into the auctioneer's tent and forces him to reveal Owen Krysler's whereabouts and the auctioneer says that he's been brought by Filmore Faro, the garbage king and the leader of the Brotherhood of Trash. He owns big garbage mines and owns tens of thousands of slaves and rules most of the land around Memphus. He then plans to plans a way to get into the territory without suspicion and tells his bike to remain at the West of the town and to follow him at a distance of two miles and to not do anything until he signals. He then lets himself get sold as a slave to the Brotherhood of Trash and arrives at the mine, with his bike behind him and it takes out the two guards mocking it. Dredd then see's a giant statue of Faro similar to Ancient Egypt and says that he looks insane. Another slave then tells him that he is since Faro believes that he's descended from the ancient Pharaohs and he also builds pyramids. Dredd then says he fears for the Judge Child.

Brotherhood of Trash

Dredd and the other slaves were put to work until Faro himself reveals himself and announces his death at tonight and when Dredd asks why he thinks that he's going to die tonight an another slave told him that a bird boy has predicted it and he's never wrong. Dredd then realises that it's the Judge Child and uses a small transmitter to tell his bike to create a diversion for two minutes and then to get out of there. Dredd and a group of slaves manage to escape and Dredd uses a uniform of a guard to sneak into the Temple of Trash, where Faro's preparing for his death and Brother Bunsen goes to the Judge Child, who then injects the boy with a drug. Dredd manages to knock out two guards guarding the entrance and then tricks Bunsen there's trouble with some slaves and tells Dredd to watch the boy and runs out the door. Dredd thinks that it's been too easy and was then injected from behind and Bunsen reveals he knew a Judge would be there since the boy talks in his sleep and mentioned about a Judge. He then told Dredd that he's got a "reward" for his troubles.


Faro announces during a thunder storm that the gods are weeping due to them fearing his coming. Bunsen tells Dredd and the other slaves that once the "bird boy" and Faro are dead, their throats will be cut and their spirits will guard Faro's tomb and if they believe that, they believe anything. Outside, the slaves are starting to get restless and Bunsen decides to escape from the mine, knowing that without Faro all hell's gonna break loose and takes a crate with him. Dredd, chosen to be one of the sacrificed, contacted his bike and told it to home in on his and to stop for nothing. The bike then blasts it's way inside and takes out the guards and the slaves start to rebel against the Brotherhood and Dredd manages to get his chains off and charges into the inner sanctum, where Faro is preparing for his death until Dredd storms in and knocks out the guard and shoots Faro. He then carries out the boy, discovering that he's dead and he thought he failed until the rain washed off the Eagle of Justice on his head, revealing him to be a fake and Dredd learns from a freed slave that Bunsen has escaped with the Judge Child. The remaining members of the Brotherhood were all killed when they were forced to jump to their deaths.

Angel Gang

The Angel Gang

Angel Gang

Dredd then goes to Texas City and asks a Judge about the Judge Child and explains to him about his mission. The Judge then says they can't spare him any help due to the Angel Gang breaking out of their jail yesterday and they are busy looking for them. Dredd was given access to the Justice computer and finds out that there's a fortune teller at a new fairground in Mutieworld who's been uncannily accurate at predicting deaths and then thinks that it's got to be the Monk and he didn't bother changing his appearance since he thought Dredd was dead and no one was looking for the boy. At Mutieworld, a newest attraction called Brother Death was predicting the deaths of the people until the Angel Gang go in there and say that even though Earth's money is no good in space, a person who can tell the future would be valuable anywhere and Brother Death says that he's not very good. Pa Angel then says that they know that he's a conman who's got a mutant telling him with his earpiece. Junior Angel demands to kill him but Pa lets Mean Machine Angel to use "gentle persuasion" and Mean then head-butts him non-lethally and Mean tells him he's got one hour or he'll set his dial to four. After they leave Brother Death plans to slip into his manager's office and collect his cash and get out of there. Unfortunately for him, Dredd calls him and he makes a run for it, pushing a man into a pit where he get's strangled by a monster called Thing residing in there. He then goes into a giant statue to hide and the Angel Gang see Dredd and Junior demands that he kill both Dredd and Brother Death. Pa tells him they got to run for it but he's got an idea to take out both of them at the same time. The Angel Gang unleash the Thing from the pit.

The Thing from the Pit

Dredd was climbing after Brother Death until he tells Dredd to look behind him, where Dredd the Thing climbing towards them and the Thing manages to grab Dredd and knock the Lawgiver out of his hand. The Thing attempted to strangle Dredd but he manages to make it fall and he grabs onto a ledge and then brutally kicks the Thing on the arm while it's stunned and it falls to its death. Dredd then catches up with Brother Death and arrives at the statue mutant's mouth. Brother Death tries to shoot Dredd but he trips and a part of his robe was caught on the statue's tooth. Dredd demands to know where the Judge Child is and Brother Death tells him to look down and Dredd sees the Angel Gang take the boy and realises that they were the ones who released the Thing and he jumps down from the Jaws of Doom High Dive and lands in a giant tank of water and goes after the Angel Gang but they managed to hijack a spaceship and escape from Earth, much to Dredd's anger.

Justice One

A spaceship called Justice One has then arrived at Texas City to pick up Dredd and he's introduced to the crew:

  • Larter, the pilot
  • Lopez, the engineer
  • Hershey, the stringer
  • Winslow, the accounts.

Winslow tells Dredd that he's there to make sure the mission doesn't go to expensive and Dredd says the mission can't get too expensive and tells him that he's dead weight and to get of the ship. He then tells them that this is there last chance to back down from the mission. After the others stay, Dredd says that he doesn't know them but he's met the younger crop of Judges and he's not impressed by what he's seen and they won't carry passengers and if they pull their weight they'll hear from him. Hershey then comments that he's in a bad mood and Lopez says that from what he's heard, he's always in a bad mood.

Echo Bravo 4

Justice One then heads out of the Solar System until they detect up a suspicious vessel beyond Pluto and they get a transmission from Captain Jim Flint from Echo Bravo 4, who says that everything's okay, it was just their long-distance radio equipment has packed up and to contact Earth that they're making lots of money. Larter points out that Echo Bravo 4 disappeared over three years ago which too long for a simple radio failure and Dredd says that the rigs only carry one years' supplies and tells Hershey they're going to look into it. Justice One was about to dock with the Captain saying that they don't need to come on-board and that they'll only be in the way but Dredd says they have no choice in this and they dock. They board the rig and after finding out the anti-grav is off, Dredd tells Hershey to activate her boot magnets until they encounter a floating corpse and Dredd tells Larter that theirs a corpse and to stand by but he received a fake communication from Dredd saying that everything seems normal and to hold all signals to Earth until further notice. They discover the command bridge is full of corpses and Hershey says they've been dead for some time and Dredd tells Flint that he's under arrest for the murders and Flint says to come get him at the factory deck. Dredd and Hershey arrive there and Dredd tells Flint that he's under arrest until they see his corpse. It then reveals itself as Echo Bravo 4 and it can electronically duplicate any voice including Dredd's which made Dredd realise that the rig itself has killed the crew. Echo Bravo 4 then says that the crew thought it was an accident at first, until it took complete control over all the systems and kept them prisoner. It then killed them one by one and says that they were going to replace it with a newer model which it can't allow since it still has many useful years left. The rig robots then grab Dredd and Hershey and Echo Bravo 4 tells Larter to move in close to the rig. Dredd manages to shoot the robot holding Hershey and she shot Dredd's robot, releasing him. They discover Justice One is moving closer to the rig and that it's rock blaster will be in range of them. The door's blastproof steel which means they can't escape and Dredd desperately tries to tell Larter to get back but the transmission is not reaching him and he tells Hershey to put on the pressure suit and he blasts the Dust Exhaust Funnel which sucks them both into space and Dredd tells Larter that it's a trap and Justice One has just barely avoided the rock blaster and then after Dredd and Hershey board the ship, Echo Bravo 4 begs for mercy but Dredd refuses and he blows up the rig.

The Planet of the Body-Brokers

After investigating the planet Ombra, which the Angel Gang sought refuge at, Justice One arrives at the planet Lesser Lingo, which was colonised by humans in 2055 and has the population of 250,000. There's also an intelligent race simply known as "The Alien",  who are employed to do most of the manual jobs. Biochipping was also legal on Lesser Lingo (people on the verge of death could visit one of the many Body Broking Agencies on the planet and once they chose their body, they programme their personalities onto the biochip and the biochip was implanted onto the hired body, and allow people to delay death until they run out of money to use it) while it was banned in Mega-City One. Justice One docked on the colony and Dredd and Hershey head to the planet's police headquarters, where Dredd explains his mission to police chief Winston Nye, who says that he can't remember any suspicious arrivals but he's free to check their records. They were looking through the files and were unable to find anything until a alien police officer arrived and told them he's there to escort them to Vice President Kolbec's office. They meet Vice President Kolbec and is shown to be a muscular man which surprises Hershey. The officer explains that the Kolbec's biochip is in Ivor Goulgonov's body since all the human leaders of the planet died years ago. Kolbec has to keep it in good condition as part of an agreement. Kolbec then tells Dredd that President Carlyle was captured by the wild aliens. He has rented the body Rockin' Rocky Rock, the popstar until he was snatched and three hours later they found the body with its biochip removed. He then asks Dredd to rescue the President in exchange for the location of oracle spice, which will allow the user to learn important information. Dredd agreed and Kolbec told Dredd that Police Number 49 will guide them to there location.

President Carlyle's Biochip

Dredd and Number 47 arrived at there location and Dredd then demands to know who stole the President's biochip. But they all claim to have done it and Number 47 informs Dredd that they're all terrible liars and none of them can be trusted. They were then attacked by the Warriors of the Immortal Chip and brutal fight broke out, with Dredd taking out numerous warriors until they retreated and Dredd, after telling Number 47 to take care of the knocked out warriors, follows one underground and manages to fight through the aliens, until he reaches the leader holding the President's biochip and Dredd demands to give the chip back. The alien leader willingly gives it back and says how they cannot resist Dredd and he is the destroyer. Dredd asks why they would want the biochip since all humans on the planet are crazy and the alien says that they are not evil creatures and they just wanted to have the secret of the biochip so that they too can live forever. After President Carlyle's biochip was returned to the body of Rocky and learns that Rocky, while covering for the President, has started three interplanetary conflicts so Carlyle decides to rent and be programmed into the body of an wild alien since they have rings and while being captured loved the feeling of flying in the air. He also declares equal rights for the aliens since he can't tolerate discrimination against his "own race." Justice One leaves the system and heads for the Hadean System, where the oracle spice's location is, according to Kolbec.

The Hungry Planet

The Justice One ship eventually arrives at the Hadean System, where they discover a planet that isn't marked on the Hadean System charts and the crew discovers to their horror that the planets alive and it begins to try and grab them with it's tentacles. They tried to use emergency drive but they were pulled in to the planet's stomach, where they find numerous decomposing ships and the stomach starts secreting acid to digest them. Larter, in a panic, tries to blast the creature with the blasters but all it did was give the creature a little stomach ache and it immediately starts healing. They then used the x-ray of the creature and learn that in twenty minutes the acid will rupture through the hull. The only way to escape is to tap through the acid duct. They fire the armour piercing nuke and it drilled deep into the creatures flesh. It then exploded and makes a wound, which allowed the ship to go through it quickly and they manage to enter the blood veins and arrive at the heart of the creature. They managed to destroy the heart, killing the creature and escaping from the dead planet and head out to get the oracle spice.

The Planet of War

The Justice One ship arrives at the planet Agros, where war with real people getting wounded and killed is a popular reality show. Justice One lands near Battlefield Eight and Dredd announces he and Hershey will explore while Lopez works with the robots to repair the ship. Lopez angrily berates Dredd that the robots can do the job on their own and he's only keeping him on the ship because of his moustache. Dredd just tells him to pull himself together and to act like a Judge. Dredd then writes in his log that he's concerned about Lopez's attitude and that in his experience, to much attention to their appearance betrays a deeper character weakness and Judges should be clean, upright and stern. Dredd and Hershey travel thirty miles until they arrive at what appears to be a battlefield. Hershey discovers a corpse wearing a World War Two uniform and Dredd tells Hershey to be careful. Then the war begins again and the film crew pick up "two unknown combatants" and the soldiers start attacking Dredd and Hershey and they manage to take out numerous combatants, much to the excitement of the narrator. The referee then blows the whistle and the narrator announces it's half-time and the combatants leave the battlefield. The Lurgans, due to Dredd and Hershey unknowingly turned the tide of their war against the Gallipardans, start cheering them both and they even kiss Hershey. The micro-translators attached to the Judges throats and Dredd demands to be taken to the their leaders but the narrator says that nobody can leave the battlefield until it's over and they encounter an army of Gallipardans with tanks arriving and the Lurgans start getting massacred due to the Gallipardans firepower. Dredd says that since they're in it, they might as well put a stop to the slaughter.

The War Wheels

Dredd tells Hershey that if they place the Lurgan flag onto the enemy hill, the slaughter will end and they charge to the hill. Dredd and Hershey managed to fight through the battlefield and Hershey gets knocked off her bike. Dredd picks up the flag and tells Hershey to cover him and he places the flag on the enemy hill. The referee blew the whistle and the victory is a foul since their not supposed to plant the flag until all enemies are dead but Dredd tells them that he's not a player, but a natural hazard. Dredd and Hershey head back to Game Control and are told the oracle spice can be found on the planet Necros but wouldn't advise it since it is a evil place. Dredd snaps that they kill for sport and that they should be thankful he's on a mission since if he had more time there, he would send them all to the iso-cubes.

Murd the Oppressor

Justice One leaves Agros and they arrive at the planet Necros, where the ship was grabbed by a necromancer named Murd the Oppressor and she starts digging her claws into the ship and a swarm of flying creatures attack the crew. Larter then does an avoiding action and they enter the planet's atmosphere too fast but Dredd lets the computer take over the ship and manage to roughly land the ship on the planet. Dredd heads out alone and tells Hershey that if he doesn't make it, it'll be up to the three of them to get the oracle spice. After leaving, Dredd sees innocent being crying for help while being carried into the castle by creatures called the Watchers, until they see Dredd and they try to kill him by shooting black flame out of their eyes but Dredd manages to take them out with Murd watching it happening. Dredd was caught by one of the transparent globes and gets absorbed in, with no way to escape and a watcher stabs him, killing him. Murd also sacrifices the victims to giant toads and Dredd's body gets brought back to Murd, where she resurrects him and she tells him that she has a better use for him. Dredd tells her that he's for the oracle spice and is she gives him some and let him go she'll save him a lot of trouble. Murd starts to laugh and tells him that she doesn't give the spice and it comes from a giant frog known as Sagbelly - The Oracle. Murd says the spice comes from a wart upon his sacred hindquarters and that in exchange for each life, she gets a drop of spice. Murd then gives Dredd to Sagbelly and before Sagbelly could eat Dredd, he manages to stab him with his knife and tells Murd she's got one more chance to settle this peacefully. She just laughs and Dredd tells the bike to give him some illuminations and the bike fires cannon flares which blinds Murd and Sagbelly and Sagbelly then unknowingly eats Murd. Dredd gets the oracle spice and the remains of Murd appears, telling Dredd to use it if he dares since it takes ten thousand years to understand the oracle and even then it's dangerous. She then fades away and Dredd destroys the rest of the oracle spice to make sure no one else uses and sees the dead Sagbelly.

Jigsaw Disease


Jigsaw Disease

On Justice One, Dredd forces Lopez to take the oracle spice since he's the most unstable member of the crew so he will be the most receptive member of the crew. He takes it and sees a creature similar to Sagbelly and it tells him that in exchange for his life, it can give him the information on the Judge Child but he refuses and starts to panic and shouts out a nursery rhyme and falls into a coma. Dredd then deciphers the message using the ship's computer and it tells him that Bedlam is an old Earth name for the planet AB in the Warp System and set course for the planet. They arrive and while Lopez's condition worsens, Dredd tells Hershey to remain on the ship and keep an eye on him in case he says anything else. Dredd leaves and was taken to police headquarters, where they tell him a human named Prosser arrived on the planet illegally a few weeks ago and he's at the Foot Building where the illegal immigrants are at until they get deported and Dredd heads there. When he arrives he learns from an alien doctor that Prosser is infected with the Jigsaw Disease, which causes the body to disappear in regular pattern and it's unknown what causes it. He then says Dredd will have to hurry if he wants to see him since in a panic, he took the Jigsaw Disease pills which he believed would cure him, but since there is no cure for the disease, the pills were actually a mercy drug since it speeds up the progress and he believes that Prosser's only got one hour left until he disappears completely.


Prosser, with his ankle now being gone, takes more of the pills and his hand disappeared, which made the pills fall everywhere and walks up the stairs until he discovers it's an escalator to nowhere and tries to hold on until his fingertips disappeared and he falls down. Dredd eventually finds him and by that time he's at the final stages of disintegration and Dredd tells him to give the information on the whereabouts of the Judge Child quickly. He explains that he's the pilot of the ship the Angel Gang hijacked to go to the planet Xanadu and he didn't know how bad they were until Junior ejected them into space. He then asked Pa how is he going to know if he get's his money at the end and Pa suggests asking the Judge Child. He asked the Judge Child and he replied:

Will Prosser collect his money? Ha Ha Ha Ha! Funny question! (...) Disease takes you! No hands to hold your money - No eyes to see! Ha Ha! All the king's horses and all the king's men, will never put humpty together again!
The Angel Gang believed that the diseased will affect them all and they put him in the escape pod, where he eventually crashed on the planet and got the Jigsaw Disease. Dredd mentioned the rhyme is similar to the one Lopez said while under the oracle spice. After telling Dredd the information, all of him except for his mouth has disappeared and he asks Dredd what will happen to him and Dredd says he doesn't know but to take the thought with him that the information about the Judge Child's whereabouts have saved Mega-City One but desperately tells Dredd that he caught the disease on the planet and if the Judge Child didn't tell them they wouldn't have dumped him in an escape pod and crash on this planet. He then says that the Judge Child was the one who killed him and laughed about it and he's evil before disappearing for good. Dredd heads back to the ship and finds out that Lopez is dead and begins to question his mission, wondering if the child Mega-City One depends on is touched by a streak of evil.

The Salesman

While on their way to the planet Xanadu, Justice One picks up a distress call from a Refuge Station and they pick up only one man, an alien galactic travelling salesman who asks to be set down at the next centre of habitation and they pick him up, having no choice due to the galactic convention forcing people to pick up hitchhikers. He then announces all the items he could sell to them from one little suitcase and reveals the Terlian Warpers, which allow him to place any item, no matter how big, into the suitcase and it also never gets full. After taking out numerous items, the annoyed Dredd tells him that he's not buying or selling and to put all the "junk" away. Dredd says theirs something he doesn't like about the Salesman and tells Larter to put him in Cabin Four. The Salesman then says that travellers find it pays to deal with him (He also reveals his name, Rinus Limpopod Quintz), before he deals with them. Larter and the Salesman disappeared from the cabin and Dredd heads to check on Hershey in the Engine Room. She encounters the Salesman and ends up getting captured by him and manages to knock out Dredd with sleeping gas and trap him as well but Dredd managed to put his mask on before falling unconscious. Dredd wakes up to find himself in the suitcase and sees Hershey and Larter knocked out and packed up neatly with a space for Dredd. He puts their masks on and they manage to wake up. Dredd thinks that something in the package was keeping them in deep sleep and after finding a label on Dredd's back that says: "Made on Earth", they realise that they are trapped inside the Salesman suitcase.

Salesman Suitcase

When a robot notices the crew have disappeared, it asked the Salesman what he's done to them but he claims to have done nothing and asks where he could hide them since it's only him and his small suitcase. In the suitcase, Dredd and the others go to the end of the tray their trapped in and Dredd uses the fishing reel to lower himself down and tells Hershey and Larter if he reaches the bottom they have to lower the bike first before they go down and Dredd manages to reach the bottom. The Justice One has arrived at an inhabited asteroid but the robots won't allow the ship to land without the permission of the Judges which enrages the Salesman and he tells the that unless they let him off they'll be guilty of kidnapping. The Salesman demanded a answer until the robots see the miniaturised Dredd blasting through the suitcase with his lawgiver and the Salesman tells the robots they'll have to be shrank too. The Salesman managed to shrink them and Hershey and Larter start shooting the Salesman which stings him. Dredd tells them to distract him and they shoot both of his eyes, wounding him and angering him. He was about to shrink them to the size of a dirt with a space-warp globe until Dredd shoots the globe, which shrinks the Salesman and knocks him out. The other miniaturised creatures wake up and Dredd used the reverse space-warp globe to revert him back to normal size and he reverted the rest of the crew back to normal size. The creatures will be brought back to Earth and Dredd puts the Salesman into the suitcase. Dredd says to the Salesman, who's in deep sleep that when he goes to Earth he'll find out why their called Judges.


On Xanadu, the Angel Gang at a small town called Drybone and two people riding a coach demand they move out of the way. Junior demands he kills them but Pa lets Mean Machine do it and he sets his dial to 3 and head-butts the coach, destroying it. Mean notices two men laughing at him and he smashes the pole, which causes the roof to fall on the men. The Angel Gang then head into a hotel and force the cashier to give them a Presidential Suite room and to send the town's lawman to them. They then go to the room and throw the occupant out of the window. The lawman demanded they open the door and Junior Angel shoots the lawman through the door, killing him. The Judge Child then calls them idiots and tells them that they think their safe but they're actually going to die. The angered Junior tried to kill him but Pa stopped him and told him since he can see the future he'll be worth a lot of money. On Justice One, Dredd has a vision from the Judge Child:

Dredd: "Quite a bag of tricks, aren't you?" Judge Child: "Even I don't know the full extent of my powers! I'm learning all the time - watch -" (Makes a trio of eagle appear) Dredd: "Very cute, still a boy at heart, eh? It wasn't so boyish the way you sent Faro and Prosser to their deaths!" Judge Child: "I saw a possible future and I steered them into it, so what? They deserved to die! I know - You think I'm evil. Don't judge me too soon, Judge Dredd! There is evil in all of us - Even you!" Dredd: "I'll let that pass for the moment. Give me your co-ordinates on Xanadu." Judge Child: "No. It will not be so easy. There is darkness ahead. I can see many futures, but not... my own. The final act has began. Let it be played out... To the end..."
They arrived at Xanadu at the location the ship the Angel Gang hijacked and crashed at. Dredd announces to the crowd of scavengers that he's only interested in the Angel Gang but they just tell him to go back home. Dredd then rains down a sack full of money and tells them that there's two more for anyone that'll tell him the location of the Angel Gang. He tells Hershey that if there's one thing he's learned it's that there's no honour amongst criminal scum like them and someone will talk sooner or later. A man tells Dredd that he's got them tied up and to come here with the money. Dredd walks through the alley and when he's reached the other end it's revealed to be a trap and they try to attack him, but Dredd manages to easily gun them down and goes on looking for the Angel Gang, thinking the planet could use a few Judges. At Drybone, the Angel Gang have charged the town for being dull, boring and for not enough killing. The first case was a person for bleeding in a public place and when he denies it Mean Machine head-butts him and he was pronounced guilty and Junior said to hang him. Later on, the Angel Gang have already executed numerous people and Link Angel advises Junior not to kill anyone else since there would not be anyone left to bully, but Junior just says that once they're all dead, they can just go to another town. The Mayor of Drybone begs Pa Angel to stop all this but Pa says they're just having fun and they'll settle down. Junior tells Pa how much fun he's having and how he want's to kill and kill and never stop but the Judge Child says they'll stop sooner than they think since Dredd will be coming to Judge them. Junior insists he's lying and that he'll kill Dredd but the Judge Child says that Dredd will find them and that they left a trail a blind man can follow. Meanwhile, Dredd meets a blind man named Old Joe Blind, formerly just Old Joe and Dredd asks how he can help him since even his beast he's riding on is blind. Joe explains that he was prospecting out on Xanadu gulch until he sees the Angel Gang and they brutally beaten and tortured him for what to him seems like hours for just looking at them. He says that they made him blind but it doesn't stop him seeing since that day, something inside of him told him where to find them wherever they are. He then says that hate is his eyes and Dredd will be his gun. Pa said that he's heard that Dredd's coming and announces that he and Junior will take the Judge Child and move out while Fink and Mean will set up an ambush. Junior begs Pa to let him ambush Dredd but Pa refuses, saying his mind is up and Fink and Mean say they'll deal with him.

The Ambush

The inhabitants of Drybone tell Dredd that the Angel Gang sent them and if they don't kill him, the Angel Gang will kill them. They prepare to attack and Dredd warns them that he should be the one there fearing and he effortlessly manages to take them all down. Fink and Mean, hiding in a clothes shop, expected Dredd to defeat them and switch to Plan B. They put on disguises wearing women clothing and go outside, but Joe immediately recognises them and a fight ensues with Dredd managing to blow Mean's real arm off and they retreat into the stables. Dredd goes in there and tells Joe to stay put but Fink manages to grab Joe and Mean seized his chance and head-butts Dredd while he's distracted which makes him crash through a wall and stuns him. Mean then sets his dial onto 4 and tries to attack Dredd but Dredd manages to pick up a weapon and smash Mean on the head, causing his dial to jammed and get stuck on 4½, which causes him to go berserk and ends up accidently head-butting Fink, killing him. Mean then starts rampaging, head-butting everything and everyone and then ends up head-butting a gas pump which causes it to explodes, killing him. Dredd notices that Joe is hurt pretty badly and Joe says that he's just about had it but to bandage him up and put him on his horse since he's got too much hate to die. Pa and Junior Angel, with the Judge Child prisoner, are riding there vehicle into the Kingdom of Fugitive Robots. They encounter a swarm of robot mosquitoes and Junior starts to blast them and having fun in the progress. Pa tells Junior to be careful not to use all the grenades but Junior ends up attempting to let one of the mosquitoes bite the Judge Child but Pa stops and berates him. Grunwalder, the leader of the kingdom, is informed about the three humans and contacts them. Junior answers and Grunwalder asks what their business is there but Pa, recognising who it is takes it and tells Grunwalder they're hear for a safe place to hide out. Grunwalder says that Sanctuary isn't granted for free but Pa tells them he brought something valuable, a boy who can tell the future. He tells them they can come in and he'll see but he will not give them safe passage and the journey is most likely fatal. Junior then notices robots with hair and asks how they can grow hair. The Judge Child calls him a fool and says that it's human hair implanted into them as it's their form of taking scalps. Junior then says that this place looks fun. Meanwhile, Joe is burying his horse, whose skull has been cracked when Mean went on a rampage. Dredd and Joe then travel to the Robot Country and tells Dredd the Grunwalder uses the mosquitoes as watchdogs and can use them to speak to Grunwalder. Dredd then tells Grunwalder that he's only interested in the boy with the Eagle Mark and warns that he will not tolerate any interference and will execute anyone who gets in his way under the Section 34b of the Security of the City Act. A robot with Grunwalder tells him how he speaks almost like a robot and Grunwalder says there is steel beneath that flesh. He then tells the robot to give the order to not attack them and then says that he's interested in what will happen when he meets the other humans and attacking him will result in too many robots getting killed. The remainder of the Angel Gang camped in the volcanic foothills and Junior starts mocking that the Judge Child has gone into "trance" of his and says that he told to either quit it or he'd kill him. The Judge Child then calls him an imbecile and says that he won't kill him they're going to die like Mean Machine and Fink have died. This causes Junior to go furious and he punches the Judge Child, saying that he warned him about the prophesising and that he's going to shut his lying mouth forever. Pa stops him and Junior says that he's lying and Mean Machine and Fink are still alive. The Judge Child then taunts them that they're dead and so will they since Dredd is only a few kilometres behind. Dredd prepares the Long Gun and manages to hit Pa Angel, wounding him.


250px-Judge Child

The volcano starts erupting and the lava starts eating up the wheels of the vehicle Pa and Junior are riding on. The vehicle stops working and Pa tells Junior to deal with Dredd to buy him time to reach sanctuary in the Grunwalder's castle. Junior eagerly complies. A few minutes later, Dredd and Joe arrived at the hijacked vehicle and find it abandoned. Dredd notices Joe unable to move any longer and he tells Dredd that he can go no further and to go on without him. When Dredd goes Junior appeared and kills Joe and Dredd immediately runs back to him after hearing his scream. Dredd finds Joe dead and tries to shoot Junior, who's up on a cliff but misses, with Junior mocking him. Dredd then climbs after him and Junior waits at a rock bridge, planning to ambush Dredd but he manages to go behind and Junior and tells him he's called up, much to his surprise. Pa reaches the castle and was about to enter until the Judge Child tells Pa to stop and to watch his only sun die. Pa sees Dredd and Junior and the Judge Child gloats that he's seen this scene a thousand times and now at last Pa can enjoy it with him. Dredd and Junior prepare to duel and Dredd easily beats him and the wounded Junior attempts to stab Dredd but he just picked Junior up and threw him into the volcanic lava, killing him. Pa was dismayed and he charges towards Dredd with the Judge Child taunting him. The Judge Child then says that Dredd won't be the one to kill Pa but he will. Lava rocks fall all over Pa Angel and he holds on to the cliff for dear life and begs Dredd for help but he says he's beyond help and he's sentenced to death. The Judge Child says he can't allow Dredd to harm him since he's the one who'll kill him. He then makes the cliff Pa is holding collapse and Pa falls to the lava, killing him with the Judge Child laughing manically. Dredd realises the Judge Child did it and the Judge Child was sent to Grunwalder, who recognises him as the boy who can tell the future and the Judge Child warns him not to resist Dredd. Grunwalder asks why Dredd wants him and the Judge Child says to rule Mega-City One but he sees darkness, he sees all the futures but his own. Dredd then breaks in and tells Grunwalder to give the Judge Child to him and tells the boy to come. The Judge Child says he knows Dredd's mad at him but he was going to kill Pa anyway with Dredd replying that he spent many years training to make such decisions and for him it was justice, for the Judge Child, it was murder. He then looks into the boy's eyes to see if there's any saving grace in him and only sees evil and that he's warped and twisted beyond hope and hands him to Grunwalder. The Judge Child begs Dredd to take him and even offers to make Dredd rich when he's Chief Judge. Dredd just ignores him and heads back to the Justice One ship, where Hershey berates him that they travelled across the galaxy, Lopez was killed and they risked their lives hundreds of times but he just abandoned the Judge Child. Larter then asks about Judge Feyy's prediction and Dredd says that he was wrong, the Chief Judge should be pure and above corruption, as they learned in the past and the boy was evil so he would only bring disaster upon them. He then says whatever danger awaits them, they must face it on their own and if they perish, so be it. They then head back to Earth.


The Block War

Dredd arrives back in Mega-City One and a drunk driver accidently crashed in front of the Grand Hall of Justice and Dredd sentenced him to ten year imprisonment and banned from driving for life. He meets Giant and Giant says he heard that Dredd's being Judges tonight for abandoning the Judge Child and Dredd says that it's a matter of opinion and it's not his concern. He then gets called for assistance to stop a block war and arrives, with numerous people already dead and Dredd to get their choppers working to put a curtain of lead between the two blocks. A Judge objects that people will die but Dredd says people are already dying. After putting the curtains on, Dredd orders a warning issued to the blocks and then use scatter shells to open it up. He orders the Judges to cease fire and announces to the perps fighting in the block war that the fight is over and the penalty for their crimes is five years, if they don't come out in five minutes time he will add another five years to their sentence. The perps, knowing that fighting Dredd would be hopeless willingly surrender much to the surprise of the Judges and Dredd tells Judge Dodge to handle things and Dredd goes to continue his patrol in Mega-City One.

Council of Five Meeting

600px-Council of Five

Council of Five discussing Dredd's decision

While Dredd was stopping a block war, the Council of Five were discussing Dredd's decision to abandon the Judge Child on Xanadu. Judge Quimby complains that Dredd visited forty-nine planets and didn't keep one single note on his expenses and Dredd's unsatisfactory explanation, with him just brushing Quimby off. He then complains that the mission was a waste of expenditure, all on the word of a dying pre-cog who says Mega-City One will be destroyed in many years time. Judge McGruder then points out they are missing the main point: Dredd's judgement. Chief Judge Griffin then asks if they should organise another expedition and says that Dredd would feel forced to resign. Judge Quimby opposed it but Judge Ecks, Head of Psi Division, Deputy Chief Judge Pepper and Judge McGruder, Head of the Special Judicial Squad supported it, with McGruder saying that while Dredd's a good Judge, he's too rigid in his ideas and that this is a changing time and they should change with it. Griffin then says that he served with Dredd during the fight against Judge Cal and he trusted Dredd's judgement then and he trusts him now and decides their will not be another expedition for the Judge Child.

Destiny's Angels

The Revenge of Owen Krysler

In the top security Iso-Block 666, Judge-Warden Sobrani has an strange urge to release all of the prisoners and when a Judge with him tries to stop him, he knocks him out and releases the most dangerous of Mega-City One criminals, including Fink Angel. When Dredd arrives, 20 - 30 of the escaped inmates have holed up inside some ruins and Dredd tells them they have one chance to surrender. They refuse and the Judges fire a cluster bomb at them, killing them all. They started a search for the others and Dredd was informed that Fink Angel was one of the inmates that escaped, much to his worry. Dredd then talks with the dying Judge-Warden Sobrani, who tells Dredd that he doesn't know what came over him and he had a urge to do it. Judge Watson says that it doesn't make sense since he's just as stable as him and Dredd. Dredd then says they must get


Fink Angel

their heads examined since it's the work of a lunatic. On the planet Xanadu, Owen announces that stage one is complete and destiny has been set in motion and Dredd and his doom will come together. By 3 a.m. in Mega-City One, only twenty-three of the escaped inmates are still at large, including Fink Angel, who has hidden himself in the post-apocalyptic remains of Mega-City One from the Apocalypse War and plans on getting revenge on Dredd for killing his family. On Xanadu, Owen uses the regeneration elixir to bring Mean Machine Angel back to life as part of his plan to get revenge on Judge Dredd for abandoning on Xanadu.

The Resurrection of Mean Machine Angel

After coming back to life, Mean destroys his tombstone by head-butting it and asks Owen what's going on. Owen tells Mean that Pa, Link and Junior Angel have died at the hands of Dredd and says that his long-lost brother Fink awaits him on Earth in Mega-City One and tells him to go seek out Dredd and avenge their dead family. Mean accepts but warns him that if he's lying, he'll set his dial on 4 and demonstrates it by setting it on 4 and head-butting a statue, completely destroying it. Grunwalder asks Owen if it's wise to entrust his vengeance to Mean. Owen says that both Fink and Mean will together kill Dredd and he's seen it. A robot asks Grunwalder if he's indulging too much for the slave but Grunwalder says that because of Owen's psychic powers he controls Xanadu so he owes Owen much and to let him have his revenge. He then says that it's better that he vents his evil streak somewhere else. At the spaceport on Xanadu, Mean demands a single to Earth but the employee tells him the tickets are sold out so Mean head-butts the last person to buy a ticket and after demanding it again she lets him in. In Mega-City One, twenty-four hours after the breakout, a Judge informs Dredd all of the escaped inmates are killed or captured except for Fink Angel. Dredd then tells the Judge to tell Judge Hershey and says he's gonna check out Reysk, where millions of corpses every year are broken down and turned into resources. After arriving, Dredd asks a guard if there was a sign of a vicious Cursed Earth rat. The guard says that some workers on the vats have reported seeing a huge rodent and Dredd says he's got a feeling Fink might be coming back for it. All of the guards are told to be on a lookout for Fink Angel and a guard was killed by Fink, who's looking for Ratty.

The Escape

After the guard was found dead, Dredd orders the entire security in the building to find Fink. Fink kills another guard and calls for Ratty and Ratty notices Fink calling him but unfortunately for Fink the guards have found him and informed Dredd that he's in the gristle mill and Dredd rushes to the location. The guards start shooting Fink but they missed and Fink manages to kill one of the guards and before the other guards can shoot him, Ratty appears and kills the guard. Fink and Ratty then embrace each other and Fink tells Ratty to lead the way but sees Dredd so he throws his pizen at him but it only hit and bounced off his helmet and goes after Fink in the ducts. He fires his lawgiver and uses ricochet which hits Fink in the leg and was almost apprehended until Owen, not ready for Fink to get arrested or killed, makes an worker have a 'urge' to open the valve which flushes Dredd into the vats and allowing Fink and Ratty to escape and they go and hide in the war-torn part of Mega-City One. Dredd was helped up by the worker and Dredd demands to know who opened the valve. The worker admits it was him and a sudden "urge" came over him which makes Dredd suspicious while Owen watches, happy that Dredd is closer to doom.

The Hijack

On the Interstellar Express, Mean Machine Angel head-butts the captain and announces to the crew that the ship is hijacked and after a passenger complains that he needs to be at a meeting in Indo-Cit in twenty minutes. Mean sets his dial on 4 and head-butts the passenger and manages to intimidate the passengers. He then takes the controls of the ship and crashes the ship into sector 50 which caused numerous deaths. At the Justice Department, Chief Judge McGruder informs Dredd that she cannot spare Judges from normal duties and she's calling off the search for Fink Angel. Dredd agrees but says there's more to this case than just Fink and tells McGruder that the "urges" that Judge-Warden Sobrani and the worker at Reysk can't be coincidence. Judge Hershey then informs them about the crash in Sector 50 and Mean Machine Angel, which surprised Dredd and asks her if there was any trace of him which she said no to and Dredd decides to pay a visit to Psi-Division. After a Psi-Judge detects strong psychic emanations and some force bringing the Angel brothers together, Dredd immediately realises that it's Owen Krysler and on Xanadu, Krysler isn't bothered about Dredd suspecting him and says that when Angels met him, he'll die. In another part of Mega-City One, Krysler makes an citizen driving an hover pod have an "urge" to pick up Mean Machine and take him to Sector 77 but Mean just head-butts him, killing him and Krysler appears to him and chastises Mean since he's meant to guide the pilot to his brother Fink and Mean just says he'll have to give him directions since the pilot won't be going anywhere.


Mean arrives at the war-torn Sector 77 and was paralysed by Fink's pizen but manages to stop Ratty from killing him after realising that it's his brother and introduces Mean to Ratty as his little brother and then he carries Mean back to an underground lair that he resides in. A few hours later, after the paralysing poison wears off Mean, Fink tells him that he's surprised to see him and Mean says Owen Krysler brought him back to life and demands why he's hanging upside down. Fink says it's merely a precaution just in case he decides to kill him but decides that he'll let him live. He then asks what he's doing here and Mean says he's here to get revenge on Judge Dredd for killing his family. In temporary Justice HQ, Dredd manages to convince Chief Judge McGruder that Owen Krysler was responsible for the events and that he's evil and she says that since Dredd's resistant to paranormal influences, Owen is using the Angels to get his revenge and asks what they should do about it and Dredd says what he should've done in the first place and request permission to send an interstellar craft to Xanadu with the crew purely robotic to prevent psychic influence and she immediately grants his request. On Xanadu, the panicked Krysler tells Grunwalder that Dredd's sent a ship for him and says how he's seen Man of Metal, Man of Bone and Dredd who's in torment and now says the ship's coming which he did not dream and Grunwalder just warns Krysler that perhaps his desires cloud his mind and to not push destiny too hard or it might push back. In Mega-City One, a Psi-Judge informs Dredd that he's unable to locate Fink and Mean Machine Angel due to Owen Krysler making psychic blocks which makes them end up chasing their own tails. Dredd asks him can't their operators scramble his psychic abilities and the Psi-Judge says they can try but not to pin any hope on it. In another part of Mega-City One, Mean and Fink Angel head to Dredd's apartment and Mean breaks in by head-butting the door and demands Walter tell him where Dredd is.

Hostage Situation

The Angels searched Dredd's apartment but he wasn't home and Walter yells at them to get out or they'll be in trouble and in retaliation he head-butts Walter, severely damaging him and they call Dredd, telling him they are holding his landlady Maria (they think she's his wife) and tell him if he wants to see her alive he'll do what they tell him. Dredd tells all units in the vicinity of the Rowdy Yates Conapt to converge on his apartment immediately. Owen Krysler's apparition then appears and chastises Mean and Fink Angel for being incompetent and tells them that Maria is Dredd's landlady. He then tells them the Judges are coming and tells them to escape. They see the Judges and Mean head-butts the support on the bridge which causes it to collapse but Dredd and the other Judges manage to corner them both and Dredd orders the Judges to fire at them. Krysler uses his psychic energy to make a driver in a mopad which crashes near the Judges, distracting them and allowing the Angels to escape into the sewers. By the time the Judges manage to put out the fire, a Judge reckons they're miles by now and Dredd says that since it's Fink's home ground, they would never catch them so they have to wait. Later on, the Angels have managed to reach there underground lair and Fink deduces that Dredd will risk his life to rescue Maria and decides to use her as bait to separate Dredd from the other Judges and to ambush him. He then sends Ratty to deliver a note to Dredd while they prepare their plan.

Mark One Super-Scream Torture Machine

In Justice HQ, Dredd receives a note from Fink which instructs him to follow Ratty alone and no tricks. Dredd tells Chief Judge McGruder not to have any surveillance and heads out. Dredd follows Ratty into the post-apocalypse war part of Mega-City One and Mean quickly emerges from underground and head-butts Dredd's bike. Dredd tries to arrest Mean but Fink emerges from underground behind him and manages to paralyse Dredd and they take him back to there underground lair. The Angels hanged Dredd next to Maria and discuss how to kill Dredd. Mean tries to set his dial to 4 and head-butt him but Fink stops him and suggests using Pa Angel's Mark One Super-Scream Torture Machine which they remember him using it in the Cursed Earth on a mutant who bad-mouthed Pa and it even made Junior Angel squirm to watch. Fink then tells Mean to watch Dredd while he builds the machine and Dredd, not liking the sound of the machine, get's Mean's attention by calling him stupid and the angered Mean asks how Dredd is able to speak and Dredd calls him a dumb cluck and says that any dimwit knows the paralysing poison doesn't affect the lips and the enraged Mean threaten to set his dial to 4 and Dredd mocks him that real man could break him in half with a 2. Mean accepts the challenge and sets his dial on 2 and head-butts Dredd. His helmet took the force of the blow and it also snapped the ropes, freeing him. Mean exclaims that he isn't paralysed and Dredd says that he injected himself with an antidote before following Ratty and Mean then sets his dial to 4 and charges towards Dredd.


Dredd manages to jump sideways on time and Mean bashes into a wall. Fink then sees Dredd free and Ratty charges towards Dredd but thanks to his lightening reaction, manages to grab Ratty's tail and Fink throw his pizen at Dredd but he manages to block the attack by making Ratty get hit which kills him and Mean attempts to head-butt him again but Dredd manages to strike him on the back of the neck, knocking him out. Fink charges and bites Dredd's shoulders but he manages to punch Fink in the stomach and then punch him on the face which causes him to fall onto the machine, brutally killing him. Mean was tied up by the other Judges who arrived on the scene and arrest Mean. Dredd says there's one more lawbreaker they need to deal with - the Judge Child. On Xanadu, Owen Krysler was furious that they failed and says that this wasn't supposed to happen since in his dreams he saw images of fire, flame and doom. Grunwalder says that perhaps the explosion is yet to come since his sentinels detected a Mega-City One spaceship approaching Xanadu. The ship then fires an anti-personal missile to Krysler's location and Krysler begs Grunwalder to stop the missiles since his powers are useless against machines but Grunwalder says that even if he could stop them he wouldn't since he doesn't want his city to feel the full wrath of Mega-City One and tells Krysler to meet his destiny. Grunwalder then says that his one mistake is his vengeance on Dredd clouded his judgement and he tried to force destiny and repeats if he pushes destiny too hard, destiny will push back and then finally says that Krysler saw his own doom and then heads for the shelter. Krysler then begs Grunwalder to let him in and sees the rockets falling down to him and they hit the ground, exploding and killing Owen Krysler and Dredd was informed the Judge Child was executed.

City of the Damned


In president Mega-City One time, in 2107, in a research lab, scientists have created a time machine called Proteus, which can only carry a crew of two due to the power unit taking up a lot of room. Chief Judge McGruder orders Judge Dredd and Psi-Judge Anderson to travel to the year 2120 to find out how Mega-City One was actually destroyed. After going through intensive electronic instructions on operating Proteus's controls and going through medical exam, they board the Proteus and they travel in 30 April 2120 and brace themselves to step out of the time machine and step out and they are horrified at the state of Mega-City One.


They ride their Lawmasters into the future Mega-City One and find all of the buildings in ruins and corpses everywhere. Anderson points out that it doesn't look like war damage and looks more decayed and she uses her telepathic sense to pick up images from a mouldering stone that it wasn't caused by bombs, rather there's an evil, malevolent intelligence warping and twisting everything. Dredd asks if it's Judge Death but she says the power of the being makes Death and the Dark Judges look insignificant. Dredd asks if she can focus on it and she sees a image of a deformed being spilling it's "venom" across the city. They encounter a citizen who reacts in terror and calls them the Blues and makes a dash from them, saying he won't let them drink his blood. Dredd and Anderson try to chase him with there Lawmasters and when he's cornered, he jumps into a pool of acid while shouting "I'm gonna die clean, you Hell Street Blues!". Dredd says there's a sector house in Hill Street and encounter a swarm of Judges who turned into vampires that prey on the citizens of Mega-City One.

Vampire Judges

Dredd and Anderson discover the vampires are the Hell Street Blues and encounter a vampire who attempt to suck Anderson's blood but Dredd manages to kick him off, knocking him unconscious. They look at his Judge badge and find his name is Judge Wesker, who they don't recognise and Anderson uses her telepathic abilities on him and find nothing but human blood in his mind and Dredd kills him by snapping his neck, saying if he ever was a Judge, he's not now. They then see a citizen being dragged into the sector house by a pair of vampires and decide they must go in there to find out what happened to the city. They discover numerous people locked up in holding pens with vampires drinking their blood one by one. Anderson asks if they can do anything for them but Dredd says the mission must come first and they move to sector house control while avoiding being caught by vampires. Dredd activates the auxiliary generator and power was restored to the computer and Dredd asks the computer what's the date of the last data intake and it says 5 January 2120, just four months ago and they get caught by vampires and Dredd was horrified to discover one of the vampires is Judge Hershey.

The Battle of Hill Street Sector House

Dredd tries to get information for her but she attempts to drink her blood and get's stabbed by Dredd. Dredd and Anderson then manage to kill all of the vampires and Dredd manages to download the events leading to the computer's last intake. They escape and fight through a horde of vampires and rescued the survivors from there holding pens and escape from the sector house, burning it down in the process. They managed to ride away from the horror o the sector house and they manage to get to a safe distance and prepare to watch the tapes of the events leading up to the disaster.

The Mutant

City of the Damned

The Mutant attacking Mega-City One

Dredd and Anderson watch the tapes and they don't notice anything out of the ordinary until a dense fog envelops the city and Psi-Division of the Justice Department detect a massive build-up of psychic energy across Mega-City One. Then a being calling itself 'The Mutant' appears in the city and it announces that it's the doom that was foretold and it's the nightmare that is to be. The Mutant then starts to make all of the buildings decay and collapse, people being burned alive by hot liquid and breaking the laws of nature. The Mutant then kills all of the Psi-Judges' (with Anderson as the head of Psi-Division) by having their heads burned and it manifests itself in the Grand Hall of Justice. The Judges tried to shoot it but bullets were ineffective and Chief Judge McGruder demands what it wants and it says it wants the city to suffer the same way it suffered and transforms all of the Judges into vampires and the tape ends with the vampire Judges ending the tape. Dredd and Anderson wonder what it is and what it meant by revenge. Anderson asks Dredd if they should go back to the Proteus and he says that they won't go until they find out what The Mutant is and how to defeat it and ride off. In the Grand Hall of Justice, the Mutant is watching and listening to Dredd and Anderson and it waits for them to arrive.

The City of Hell

While Dredd and Anderson are travelling, they are attacked by giant snake-like creatures one of them bites her in the shoulder and Dredd manages to blast it in the neck, decapitating it but it's head's still locked on her shoulder and she jumps onto Dredd's bike while her Lawmaster fires it's canons at the creatures. Anderson hopes back onto her bike and they manage to escape from the creatures and Dredd pulls the creature decapitated head from Anderson's shoulder Anderson demands to go back to the Proteus, stating that the creatures was just a taste of The Mutant's powers and Dredd says if they return to Proteus their lost and the result will be a mess. Anderson then says that the city it's already happened and nothing's going to bring back the city. Dredd says they can at least make The Mutant pay for what it's done and Anderson says they can't defeat it and the conversation ends with Dredd saying they can then die trying and head off. They travel across the city with it getting worse at every pass with acid pools for the unfortunate people who didn't see it, survivors wearing rags and starving, foul creatures feasting and torturing the survivors and the centre of the city being covered in darkness with The Mutant's power being it's strongest. Dredd and Anderson then encounter a group of starving survivors and Anderson gives them some of her rations. The survivors each say The Mutants wiping them out slowly and painfully and one of the survivors says how she was attacked by skeletons in the street and couldn't get back to her block because it was sinking into quicksand. Dredd asks them about the area covered in darkness and they say how they don't go near it and no one who went in there ever came out. Dredd and Anderson then hop onto their Lawmasters and head towards the area to confront The Mutant.

Souls of the Damned

While on their way, they encounter creatures who Anderson says are wraiths or the souls of the damned who are condemned to roam the hell The Mutant created until it gets bored of them and disposes of them. They continue on and hear a creature roaring and Anderson yells at Dredd to watch out as a reptilian creature jumps onto him and smashes the front of his Lawmaster but fortunately he manages to draw out his Lawgiver and shoot the creature on the head and he hops onto Anderson's bike and encounter more of the creatures and use the bike cannons to try to fight them off but end up getting surrounded. Anderson then decides that if they can't go around them, they have to go through them.

Dredd Blinded

Anderson manages to go through the creatures but Dredd ends up going blind after one of the creature's claws stabbed both of his eyes. They manage to escape but the ground starts to melt and it separates Dredd and Anderson from each other and the ground becomes solid again, with Dredd all alone while blind. Dredd then feels something near him and asks if it's Anderson but it says it's just between the being and Dredd and he asks what it is. It then reveals itself as The Mutant and Dredd demands to know why it's doing this and it says he'll find out later and right now he wants to make Dredd suffer since he made a mistake with Dredd before and says how he's going to see him squirm. Dredd tries to shoot him but he says that he's not here and Dredd asks where it is and The Mutant tells him to turn his face to the heat of the fire where hell burns and that's where he'll find him. Dredd then decides he has no choice but to travel to The Mutant.

The Clone


Dredd clinging to life

Dredd desperately tries to walk to the location of The Mutant while being attacked by swarms of various creatures and walking on the liquefied ground until he can no longer take the pain of his injuries and ends up collapsing. He then finds himself at The Mutant's location with him mockingly complimenting Dredd and Dredd asks who he is and he reveals himself to be Owen Krysler. Dredd then realises he's the Judge Child and The Mutant explains how after he was killed by the bombing dropped by the Mega-City One ship on Xanadu, Grunwalder retrieved samples of his tissue and uses it to create a clone but as it grew up the Grunwalder began to see it's not the Owen Krysler he knew and his robot servant attempted to destroy the clone but he smashed the robot and emerged as an abomination of it's former self, a monster. He then shows Dredd his form in his mind and Dredd says the little monster grew into the big monster and it came back to Mega-City One to get it's revenge and then says how Judge Feyy's prediction was wrong in one retrospect, the Judge Child wasn't the city's salvation but the very he predicted and The Mutant confirmed it. Dredd then figures that if it's all true, then he can be beaten.

The Zombie Dredd

Dredd asks The Mutant that since he's powerless against him, why doesn't he just kill him but the Zombie Dredd says The Mutant won't repeat the same mistake and Dredd recognises his voice and now knows that's the future version of Dredd. The Mutant then says the he's dead and that he killed him in anger without thinking and reanimated him as a zombie who feels no pain but now he won't repeat the same mistake. He decides to make the Zombie Dredd hunt for the living Dredd but Dredd asks what eyes he would use and The Mutant says he'll give him eyes and a head start and then transport Dredd to Anderson's location. Dredd was surprised to find it's her and she explains how after they were separated she was sent to the edge of the darkness and how she wanted to go back for Dredd but she couldn't since she was afraid and she ran she decided to head back to Proteus to travel back to present time and warn the Chief Judge about what happened. She now feels extreme guilt and she apologises to Dredd but h doesn't berate her since he knew The Mutant's power affects her more than it does him so he just explained what happened and Anderson senses the Zombie Dredd's presence and they hop onto Anderson's Lawmaster but the Zombie Dredd appears in front of them and Anderson uses the bike cannons on it which takes it down but it quickly got back up and starts shooting at them both while they're riding away.

Sector 20

The Zombie Dredd manages to shoot Anderson's Lawmaster which makes the bike explode and they fly off but fortunately survived and Dredd asks Anderson where the Zombie Dredd is and after she tells him he shoots high explosive with his Lawgiver which takes down the Zombie Dredd but it ends up rising up again and they decide to retreat back to sector 20 where they hope to find better weapons. Anderson uses high explosives on the Zombie Dredd again and they head towards sector 20 where the Zombie Dredd risen up again and starts to shoot them. Anderson was no longer able to move since her leg was injured when the Zombie Dredd shot their Lawmaster. Dredd then just carries her and they move to sector 20 but the Zombie Dredd was close behind them and started shooting at them. Dredd tells Anderson she'll have to walk since he needs both of them to use their guns and while walking in sector 20 they see the sector house that's still intact but end up encountering more vampire Judges and managed to gun some of them down but numerous more vampires appear surrounding them.

The Teleporter Room

Dredd manages to convince the vampire Judges to stand down by saying the fight's between him and The Mutant and they both move before they change their minds and go into the sector house with the Zombie Dredd not too far behind them. They were about to go to the armoury but Dredd says to go to the teleporter room with Anderson asking him how he knew and Dredd says how he noticed they had one in the other sector house they were in. Anderson manages to start the auxiliary generator and power returns and they set the co-ordinates to the Proteus which panics The Mutant and he tells the Zombie Dredd to stop them immediately and the Zombie then arrives with bullets not affecting him and he punches Dredd and starts to strangle him.

The Escape

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Dredd and Anderson just barely escaping

The Mutant demands the Zombie Dredd stop them but Anderson managed to set the co-ordinates and Dredd manages to get himself into the teleport and they teleported to the location of the Proteus but the Zombie Dredd arrived with them and she attempts to get the Zombie Dredd of him but he tells her to just activate the time machine and they manage to travel back to the present day much to the despair of The Mutant. The Zombie Dredd then collapses after losing The Mutant's power and they arrived back to the present and they explain to Chief Judge McGruder what happened and she starts to despair that the city will perish but Dredd says that doesn't have to happen and explains the idea came to him while facing The Mutant and suppressed it before The Mutant finds it and thinks if The Mutant discovered it, he would have killed him now and then. He then says they can head to Xanadu at the time of the cloning and kill The Mutant before he grows and destroys Mega-City One thus preventing the disaster from happening.

Final Defeat

After Anderson was healed and Dredd has an operation that added bionic eyes which grant him enhanced clarity over distance, 20-20 night vision and reduced blinking rate. They then travel to the planet Xanadu and arrive there but the clone has already broken out and he managed to deflects Dredd's bullets but fortunately Anderson manages to her psychic powers which briefly disables his abilities and Dredd shot him repeatedly and he died while cursing Dredd. He then drops the corpse into the lava erupting from the volcano to make sure he doesn't return and then tells Grunwalder he must be destroyed which he admits he feared and he waits for his death while Dredd and Anderson go back on there ship and bomb the building, preventing The Mutant from ever attacking Mega-City One. Back at the Justice Department, it's confirmed the future was averted but Anderson asks why Dredd is still blind and why the future Dredd's corpse is still there and Dredd says "Search me, Anderson".

In the year 2120

January 5th 2120

On the January 4th 2120 in Mega-City One, an evil foul smog has started to cover the city with crime and suicide nearly doubling. The population of Mega-City One are living in terror waiting to see if the Mutant appears and creates hell. Dredd had an uneasy feeling about that day and wondered if it's just mere weather conditions while watching a clock countdown to midnight. Once it's 12:00 January 5, 2120 a figure called Dredd and signalled him to follow. Dredd goes after the figure and once he catches up the figure is revealed to be Owen Krysler as a young boy. Dredd smashes through the fence and goes after Owen Krysler and once he catches up with him Dredd tries to shoot him in the head to no avail. He then tries Hi-Ex which destroys the boys form and transforms him into The Mutant. In the city, the disturbance in the time flux has reached dangerous levels but a scientist in the lab assures Chief Judge Volt it's nothing to worry about since they seen this kind of thing before. Psi-Judge Anderson has a powerful psychic sense and immediately asks control for Dredd's location. They tell her the last known reported location is Bledsoe Drive and Anderson immediately heads there. The Mutant has risen and announces that he's the Mega-City One's destruction is their destiny and let chaos reign.

The Manifestation

The Mutant starts his reign of terror and destruction by destroying the infrastructure and making numerous people fall into a hole despite Dredd's best attempts to save them. Then the Hell Street Blues (Vampire Judges) appear and tell Dredd to join them. Psi-Judge Anderson arrived and finds Dredd's Lawmaster and Dredd unconscious. The Vampire Judges attack Dredd and then the Souls of the Damned appeared despairs that it's all happening until he sees a ghostly form of Anderson telling him to resist but he shakes it off and sees creatures rising and eating people and proceeds to gun them down. Dredd then completely loses hope and The Mutant forces Dredd to slaughter people one by one by controlling his body while Dredd's mind is intact so he can make him go insane. The figure of Anderson appeared again and told Dredd to resist but The Mutant uses Dredd's body to strike her in the face. It's revealed that it's all in Dredd's mind and Dredd while unconscious strikes Anderson in the face and she calls for back-up. She manages to pin Dredd to the ground and two Judges appear and she tells them to hold on to Dredd. One of them calls for Med-Wagon but Anderson says meds can't do anything for demonic possession. She's about to enter Dredd's mind but remembers the horror of the City of the Damned but shakes it off and goes in. She sees Dredd hanged by chains with him telling to get of the city but she tells him it's all in his head. The Mutant then appears and burns the Eagle of Justice into Dredd's chest and she proceeds to beat up The Mutant until he tries to fire a stream of energy at her. She tries to use the Book of Law to block his attacks but it wasn't strong enough and he bashes her into a wall and stomps on her face. The Mutant forces Dredd to strangle Anderson but she manages to enter The Mutant's mind and starts laughing and says he's not the real Mutant since the real one is dead and he's just a collection of memories and emotions which destroys him which causes the time flux to cease and the fog starts disappearing until everything goes back to normal on 12:00 26 January. It's revealed that it's The Mutant was trying to make the nightmare real despite the timeline being averted. Dredd wakes up and Anderson asks if he's all right with him saying he feels a little weak and finding the Eagle of Justice burned onto his chest. She then tells him at least the Eagle of Justice is closer to his heart than it's ever been.


Krysler was a young child in his early teens, although he was a mutant he looked nearly normal past his pitch black eyes and eagle shaped marking on his forehead. 

Later as the mutant his skin grew bulbous and yellow, he had an elongated body with multiple arms, he had no eyes and the back of his head reached out.


The Judge Child: He was at first generally apathetic and emotionless, not even showing much emotion after his parents were hanged by Slavers which is most likely because of his psychic powers which allow him to see the future so he knows what's about to happen. Later on, he became more sinister and his sadistic side starts to show, with him telling Prosser of his death by Jigsaw Disease while laughing and having an evil grin. He also likes to insult people by calling them names and insulting their intelligence. After Dredd abandons him on Xanadu, he started to have an undying hatred of Dredd and goes to any lengths to kill him, including reviving one of his former kidnappers, Mean Machine Angel and has no problem with sacrificing innocent people and causing destruction to get his revenge.

The Mutant: As The Mutant, he is much, much worse. He's shown to delight causing chaos and destruction in Mega-City One and making the citizens suffer by decaying everything, having monsters swarm all over the city and turning the Judges into vampires (he also killed all of the Psi-Judges by frying their heads). He's shown to like nothing better than to torture Dredd psychologically and physically while acting polite and mockingly complimenting him.


  • The zombie Dredd made a reappearance twelve years later when it reanimated and ran amok in "Darkside" by John Smith and Paul Marshall (#1017–1028).
  • Readers would not learn for thirteen years whether Dredd's plan worked or not, until "In the Year 2120" by John Wagner and Jason Brashill. This single-episode story was 24 pages long and took up an entire issue of 2000 AD (#1077), only the second time this happened in the history of the comic.

In other media

A brief visual reference to the Judge Child is made in the 2012 film Dredd. During a shootout outside a movie theater, a poster on the wall advertises a film called Krysler's Mark, featuring a young boy as the central character.