I live, you die.
~ Ovu Mobani

Ovu Mobani was the chief antagonist of the episode "Dead Man's Party" of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and was a zombie-demon, a malevolent spirit that (as his name suggests) raises the dead in order to have one become his host: his name translates to "Evil Eye" and is also a reference to his supernatural ability to paralyze victims with bursts of light from his eyes.


Ovu Mobani's spirit was contained within a Nigerian mask that Joyce Summers imported from Africa for an art exhibit. Unbeknowst to her, the mask caused all the dead in Sunnydale to become zombies and race towards the mask, killing every living creature they encountered, thus increasing the number of racing zombies.

The zombie that got the mask first was Pat, a friend of Joyce who had been killed by a zombie attacking the Summers house. After Pat put on the mask, she became the vessel for Ovu Mobani's spirit. Mobani proceeded to face Buffy in a short fight until she understood the source of his powers and his weakness. Buffy impaled Mobani's eyes, destroying the demon and causing his zombie minions to vanish in a flash of light.